$1.5 Million Successfully Raised by Heroes and Empires

As per the latest reports, the team behind the development of the game “Heroes & Empires” has shared an update. The team has revealed that they had recently carried out a Strategic round for the development of their game.

The team has revealed that they have successfully carried out and closed the strategic funding round for the development of the game. Through the funding round, the firm has successfully generated funds worth $1.5 million.

According to the developers, the gaming business has skyrocketed during the pandemic. During the pandemic, the people staying at homes either went for streaming platforms or for games. This is the reason why several game developers have reported that the sales for the games were significantly higher than in the past years.

With the passage of time, gamers have become very demanding and they want to have the best experiences. People are now even looking after making money from playing games. In the past couple of years, the gaming sector has also been revolutionized after being integrated into blockchain technology.

Several gaming companies have undergone or have carried or several acquisitions in the gaming space itself. Now, with the integration of blockchain technology, the gaming sector has become even more demanded by the gaming community and crypto-enthusiasts.

Many developers are seeing the blockchain technology as one of the most advanced to be incorporated into the gaming sector ever. Therefore, the developers are hopeful that the blockchain sector would be able to bring in a more user base to the gaming space.

Majority of the gamers around the world play games for the sake of entertainment and fun. However, no one would mind if they also end up getting paid for playing games. This is exactly what blockchain technology is doing at present through the play-to-earn mechanism.

This is where the Heroes & Empire game comes in and offers a play-to-earn experience to the gamers. The game is based on blockchain technology and it offers players the opportunity to earn digital assets for playing the game.

According to the developers of the game, if the game performs as expected, it will be able to record a user base of over 1 million users in no time. Furthermore, the game will also be able to generate impressive value from gross merchandise every day.

The team has revealed that several venture capital firms had participated in the particular funding round. The firms that led the funding round were Raptor Capital and Megala Ventures.

Other prominent firms that participated in the funding round were Icetea Labs, Cinchblock, Basics Capital, X21 Digital, Magnus Capital, Interchain Ventures, UG Venture, Dao Maker, and many more.