100eyes crypto scanner now available on Telegram!

The brand new Crypto Scanner presented by 100eyes tracks 120 cryptocurrencies and sends Telegram alerts based on Technical Indicators like RSI, MACD and Fibonacci. This means that the endless searches for good entries are over. When there is a good opportunity for a trade, the scanner tells you where to look and you can immediately decide to enter or not. Because the scanner only sends Telegram messages and doesn’t trade automatically, you are always in full control of you trades.

Popular indicators like RSI, Bollinger Bands, Stoch RSI, MACD and stochastics are supported. The scanner is also able to spot RSI Divergences and Fibonacci retracements. RSI divergences are the most powerful signals of the RSI indicator. What makes this alerting tool really stand out amongst other alerting tools is their powerful automated charting feature. When a divergences occurs, you not only get notified, the scanner also sends you a chart and shows the lines indicating the price difference versus the rsi difference. This is ideal for beginners and convenient for experienced traders. See below for an example of such a chart.


As Premium Member of 100eyes you can to choose your own coins, timeframes and indicators. This way you can develop your own strategy and adjust the alerts accordingly. A nice bonus feature of the scanner is that you get a notification every time Bitcoin makes a big move. This alert is called the Abnormal Volatility alert which you only get for Bitcoin since this could be important for trading altcoins as well.

The people that built the scanner are very friendly and helpful. If you wish to receive some kind of special alert based on the indicators you personally use while trading, you can request it and they will make it for you. Before you become a Premium member you’re allowed to try the full version for 24h for free. Check out www.100-eyes.com for more information.