2 Million Dollar Investment From Nextech Joins Bitcoin Treasury

2 Million Dollar Investment FromNextechJoins BitcoinTreasury

2 Million Dollars more institutional investment for Bitcoin is expected soon from an augmented reality company called, Nextech AR Solutions. Evan Gappelberg, CEO of Nextech informs 2 Million Dollar investment in Bitcoin. Also says further investment will be brought into Bitcoin in the coming year.

 It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that in 2020 Bitcoin had become an investment reserve foundation. Worldwide giant companies such as Microstrategy and others invested huge piles of monies into Bitcoin. It is said that the price surge for Bitcoin had become possible due to this institutional investment.

Most importantly, it had been recorded now that the investment Bitcoin had achieved in 2020 had been the highest ever. This is why the price of Bitcoin had surged for more than 300% in this year alone.

It had been announced by another giant company called Nextech AR that it would be investing in Bitcoin. Evan Gappelberg, who had been the CEO of Nextech, had informed that US$ 2 Million had been dedicated for Bitcoin investment. He also told that a 2 Million dollar investment would not be the last investment. He stated that in the coming year, the company had already decided to inject more of its reserves into the coin.

It had now been confirmed that Nextech had purchased Bitcoins worth about US$ 2 Million. He also elaborated that investment in Bitcoin had been a part of their future strategy to keep intact their capital and allocation. He stated that the strategy had been adopted through a majority vote of the company’s board as a long-term investment. Gappelberg also explained that in 2020 Bitcoin had outperformed gold and had become a great source of storing value.Nextech had come to believe that the investment in Botcoin would provide them a potential benefit than reserving cash, he added.

Nextech had been known for organizing virtual events for various institutions and organizations. The company had been providing its augmented reality services by teaming up with reputed brand names. Some of these known brands included IBM, Cisco, Oracle and SAP.

In 2019 the company had even launched its web version of an augmented reality platform called SaaS.