Why is Cryptocurrency More Attractive Than Fiat Currency?

You shouldn’t invest in an ICO that doesn’t have anything to offer. If a company makes the initial coin offering or want to make money for cryptocurrency, they should have an actual product.    You need some guidance on Cryptocurrency. Everyone knows about Bitcoin, but there are a ton of…


A Guide To Crypto Lawyers: Why and How to Hire One?

You will need a Lawyer when you launch or invest in a crypto project.  YOU may also need the lawyer on other occasions. Therefore, following we are giving you a quick guide about how when you need a lawyer, and how to find a reliable one. Launch an ICO or Issue Tokens A Crypto Lawyer […]


MYfintec – The Best Platform for Crypto and Forex Trading

MYfintec – The Best Platform for Crypto and Forex Trading Looking to start your new crypto venture? Having problem finding the best trading platform? MYfintec is the leading online trading platform aimed at providing traders with everything they have been looking for. The team at MYfintec is very…


5 Key Elements You Need to Succeed as a Binary Broker

What do you need to succeed as a Binary Broker? Well, there are more than just one thing. To start with, you need a reliable broker, control on yourself, limit on your bets and the stomach to learn and fathom or process new information. Following, we are giving you some key insights that will help…


How Does the IRS Handle Cryptocurrencies?

Want to know more about how the IRS treats cryptocurrencies and digital assets? No sweat, we’ve got you covered. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has ruled that cryptoucrrencies are property, meaning you’ll need to owe taxes when you sell, buy, or use your digital currency to make a purchase.…