500.trade Review: Important features of this Platform

500.trade Review

If you wish to indulge in online trading, you will have to sign up on an online trading platform. If you simply google online trading firms, you will see scores of options. So how do you pick the right platform for yourself. I would suggest you go with 500.trade as that is a reliable choice of many traders. From my personal experience, they are very efficient and provide a host of different features that any registered user is free to use whenever they want.

The following are some of the leading features of the 500.trade platform that you need to know of. After reading about these features, you are sure to get a better idea of why 500.trade is the number one choice of so many online traders around the world. 

Crucial Security Measures

There are numerous security measures installed by 500.trade. This good news since you do not have to worry about the security factor at all when you log in to their platforms to trade online. 500.trade makes use of SSL certificates, firewalls, and encryption technology to keep all of your user data protected at all times. The firewall does not let any 3rd party from breaking into the database and accessing personal information. As for the encryption software, it does a very good job to encrypt all data and information that you share on the platform. What this means is that no one will be able to device any meaning of what you share on the platform. 

All in all, you can always count on 500.trade security measures to provide you with a safe trading environment where you can carry out all your transactions with zero risks and worry! 

Supported Payment Channels

When you trade on 500.trade, you can select between multiple payment options that include Bitcoin, credit and debit card, Paypal, bank transfer. All of these payment channels have their own features and you can opt for anyone you want. Bank transfers are probably best if you have to make a large transaction but this method will take around 3-5 business days. If you wish to make a quick and short transaction, you can go for the credit card option.

Also, for any payment channel you use, you will receive a notification each time you make a transaction. You can keep track of all of these transactions to keep on top of your trading finances. Another great feature is that executing these transactions is very simple indeed. You just have to click a few buttons and you are done! 

24/6 Support (Mon to Sat)

Although most of the online trading platforms provide some amount of support, 500.trade is a cut above the rest in this department! Their customer representatives work from Monday to Saturday round the clock and you can contact them anytime during these days. 

You can ask their people anything you want- whether you require guidance, help, or have a fundamental question about anything related to online trading, the 500.trade customer support team will always have your back! They are also very quick with their service and you can expect their response within 24 hours! So how do you contact them? Well, the most popular method is to use the chat option on their website and connect with one of their people right away who will be glad to help. You can also call them on their number or shoot them an email and they will get back to you shortly afterward.

One thing is for sure- no matter which mode of communication you use, you will receive the full backing of their team every time you contact them! 

Algo Trading

There is no doubt that algo trading is a remarkable feature that can help online traders tremendously if they use it the right way. However, it is vital you understand what is algo trading. How these feature works is that you compile a set of trading instructions which the program then uses to analyze and establish trades on your behalf. So you just have to provide the instructions and the computer algorithm will do the trading for you. As a result, you can save your time that you can use for other things. 

In addition, a great advantage of using the 500.trade algo trading feature is that you can place maximum trades in a short period of time and that can help you boost your profit margins considerably! 

Device Accessibility

The 500.trade platforms can be accessed from a number of different devices and this itself is a great feature! Whether you have a smartphone, tablet, laptop device, or desktop device, signing in your 500.trade account and trading is no issue at all. Also, your trading experience will be exceptional regardless of which device you choose to trade online. Whether you want to use your phone to trade while you are traveling somewhere or your office laptop to trade during your lunch break, you will find trading on 500.trade quite enjoyable. 

The developers of the 500.trade trading software have made sure that the user interface is very friendly and you can find your way around without any difficultly. This is ideal if you are a newcomer and have not used trading software before in your life! 

Bottom Line

To summarize, 500.trade is an effective trading platform that is ideal for all, beginners and pro traders alike. You will not find a better online trading establishment than this one to carry out your trading activities. So what are you waiting for? If you are all set to begin your trading journey online, I would suggest you do not waste any further time. Go to their website, sign up for a trading account and you can begin trading after you wire your funds. The whole process is straightforward and if you run into any issue, you can rest assured that the 500.trade customer team will always have your back.