Currently, crypto is under strict scrutiny, as expected. Discussion around it includes the functions of NFTs, the US congress legislation recently, and the general discussion on the uncertainty in the crypto space. Irrespective of these legislations and uncertainty, different companies have dived into the space to explore the possibilities there.

Since Elon Musk announced that Tesla customers could not make purchases with crypto again, there have been questions flying as to how the application of cryptocurrencies will take shape. However, many other reputable companies have taken up the task left by Tesla or have revealed plans to do so.

Currently, it is quite hard to define the future of cryptocurrencies through their application adaptation in the mainstream industries. But the application in the technological world is becoming apparent with time.

Listed Below Are Companies Using Crypto Now


As Tesla did, Microsoft allowed its customers to purchase products and services with cryptocurrencies. But the firm reversed the opportunity after a while, and the usage of the digital assets for services purchase has been limited to some transactions.


AT&T is a carrier service provider in the United States, and it is a popular one at that. However, the firm allows its users to pay carrier bills online with crypto through BitPay.

Miami Dolphins

The announcement of the opportunity to make ticket purchases with crypto was made at the beginning of the 2019 National Football League (NFL) season. The acceptable tokens are just BTC or Litecoin. Right after the adoption, the club named Litecoin as the Official Cryptocurrency of the Club.

Virgin Galactic

Richard Branson announced that his companies numbering 400, including Virgin Mobile, Virgin Galactic, and Virgin Airlines, will be accepting cryptocurrencies for their services. For Virgin Galactic, customers can now purchase their commercial space flight tickets using BTC.

Norwegian Air

The largest Scandinavia airline and the third-largest in Europe has announced plans to accept crypto as payments for flights in the future. For now, the offer is limited to passengers from Norway, and the firm hopes to scale the offer globally. The airline will use the NBX – Norwegian Block Exchange to facilitate the transactions.


Though there is no tangible service sold by Wikipedia, the company announced the partnership with Coinbase in 2014, which allows users to donate crypto to the firm.


Voted as one of the best VPN service providers currently, the firm allowed its users to make payments through BTC as it has quite a number of crypto investors using the service.


Benfica is a professional soccer club in Portugal that allows its match attendees to purchase merchandise and tickets with Bitcoin.