A Luxury Yacht Firm has Gone Bitcoin (BTC) and Blockchain Pro

No matter how much the price of Bitcoin (BTC) may be devastated or the fall it may experience, Bitcoin has already initiated a series of events. Despite regulatory authorities pounding the largest cryptocurrency for its volatile and uncertain nature. People are still looking at it as a major source of income and profits due to its very potential.

Although Bitcoin (BTC) may be losing its ground in terms of price and market capitalization, it is not the first time it has happened to it. Bitcoin (BTC) has experienced several drops and has gained several all-time highs so it is fully expected of Bitcoin (BTC) to face such a downfall.

However, the people interested in Bitcoin (BTC) are now well aware of how Bitcoin (BTC) seems to work. Therefore, they are now backing away from adopting it on a larger scale and are doing it how they deem it necessary.

Just recently, a luxury yacht company has made an announcement for its customers and client. The company has revealed that it is going to start accepting Bitcoin (BTC). The company has made this decision based on the adoption level Bitcoin (BTC) is currently witnessing.

Therefore, the company has confirmed it would accept Bitcoin (BTC) and is confident that it would see a significant rise in payments coming in through Bitcoin (BTC).

The company has speculated that in the first year of Bitcoin payments being launched, it expects that it would translate to 40% of total payments accepted by the company.

The name of the luxury yacht company is Prime Experiences, which is currently operational in North America. The company was founded by two Colombians who laid the foundation of the company back in 2012.

The company has also revealed that accepting Bitcoin (BTC) is not the only development they have made in crypto-blockchain adoption. They have also revealed that they will integrate blockchain technology into their mobile as well as web services.

The firm gave the reasoning that blockchain technology offers more security and protection to the transactional system. This is the reason why they have decided to go with blockchain technology.

The company has stated that it will observe a significant growth in its revenue as Bitcoin (BTC) adoption continues to be picked up in the company. It is expecting that in terms of revenue, the company would be generating around $6.5 million in the year 2022.

Prime Experiences has claimed that it expects to generate this revenue from the bespoke experience hosted for its clients as well as the yacht charter service.

Both founders of Prime Experiences have revealed that in the future, they aim to partner with Miami. Therefore, the company could see its business grow out of its current jurisdictions as Miami is turning out to be a hub for cryptocurrencies.