A Man Steals A Bitcoin ATM In Barcelona

A significant rise has been witnessed in crypto-centred crimes in Spain during recent times. The latest such event counts as the stealing of a Bitcoin (BTC) ATM within Barcelona. BTC ATMs are known as kiosks that permit consumers to buy Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies through utilizing physical money or debit cards. Spain has the maximum number of ATMs of cryptocurrency across Europe reportedly. Having 185 ATMs, the country counts as the fourth maximum crypto ATMs containing nations across the globe.

Bitcoin ATM robbery

Native news informed this Friday that the robbery of a BTC ATM is being carried out by the police department of Spain. The robbers took the machine by attacking an outlet of a crypto exchange situated in the Barcelona neighbourhood. Catalonia’s police force called Mossos d’Esquadra, stated that the ATM robbery occurred near 3 a.m. Nonetheless, they did not give any details regarding the case for avoiding any hindrance in the investigation. As per a news organization, police sources claimed that the robbers grabbed the ATM from a Beethoven street-based shop in the area called Sarria. In the respective area, a Grayscale Bitcoin Trust’s (GBTC) branch is located. GBTC repetitively refuted to pass any remarks, and the police additionally declined to confirm over robbery’s exact location.

An unconfirmed video that emerged recently displayed an SUV colliding into the storefront of GBTC. Following this, some hooded individuals got off of a car and did the subsequent operation with the ATM present there. The event counts to be the latest crime related to Bitcoin within Spain. Some days ago, a technopreneur from Spain had been attacked and robbed. The victim, Zaryn Dentzel, is known to be the co-founder of a Spain-based network that evolved into a communication company called Tuenti, the owner of which is Telefónica telecommunications firm. He asserted that four to five hooded persons forcibly took millions from him in crypto when he was in his home (in Madrid) after covering the security cameras and beating him up hardly.

Crypto-based crimes on an upsurge

Crypto raids, such as hacks, fake advertisements, ransom attacks, and phishing scams, are currently frequent. The two of the well-known attacks during this year are known to be the ransomware attack over the Colonial Pipeline and an attack of up to $600 over Poly Network. Several BTC-related crimes have additionally been witnessed across the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and Hong Kong, among many others.