According to Mark Cuban, He is Part of a Secret Snapchat Group for Billionaires

Mark Cuban, a star on the famous TV show shark tank and an investing personality, finally speaks up about how billionaires around the world stay connected, and you will not believe it. Billionaires have tried a lot of different social media platforms in the past, such as Discord and Telegram, and have now finally settled for Snapchat. According to Mark Cuban, he is in contact with many other billionaires, such as Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, and has exchanged a number of snaps with both of them consecutively over the course of many days.

He has also taken the time to explain the revolution that has taken place in the following years from the early days of the crypto and the present moment where it resides currently. The early days of cryptocurrency and the revolution that has taken place in the efficiency and broadness of the internet go hand in hand and, according to Mark, were consecutive events. He compared how the internet used to be very slow and cumbersome to use and how the blockchain technology at its creation was difficult to use and very expensive to maintain but not anymore. 

High hopes for the Internet and Crypto Paid up

Cuban further had to add the revelation that when both internet technology and cryptocurrency were an early phenomenon, his company did try to get in but couldn’t. They had a solid belief back in the day that both the internet and crypto would end up being a revelation, and they will be able to get into it then, and fortunately, that assumption has paid up pretty handsomely.   

The idea was that the internet and related technologies would evolve into a definitive media that helps the masses to stay in contact with each other despite the time and place, and it has finally happened, and a more definitive revolution is on its way. Explaining further the idea that they had back in the day, Mark explained that there would come a time when the bandwidth of the internet would increase decisively, thus accommodating a large number of masses and transactions taking place at lightning speeds.