Action Refund Review – is Action Refund Scam? Uncovering the Truth!

Is Action Refund Scam or Legit?

Scams have existed in the world, for as long as people. Since the dawn of time, human beings have been constantly trying to take advantage of one another and this hasn’t changed over the centuries and decades. The only things that has changed is how people go about it. We have had a whole variety of scams and they have only gotten more advanced and sophisticated over time. The advent of the internet brought about a whole new horde of scam and fraud schemes that were designed to exploit people and since they were a new concept, millions of people fell for these scams.

Eventually, people began to learn and numerous solutions were introduced to help people in fighting and preventing these fraud schemes and hacks. The only problem is that cybercriminals end up finding ways around these measures as well or new scams are constantly introduced. For instance, trading scams have existed for decades and even though people are aware they happen, they still end up falling for them. This is due to the fact that these scammers become smarter and more advanced and know exactly how to lure people in. Likewise, new developments also provide them the perfect opportunity to exploit people.

For instance, there is a massive number of cryptocurrency scams that have happened in the last decade and they are still happening as it is relatively new market. When people get scammed, they have nowhere to go in order to complain or get their funds back. There are hundreds of thousands of such frauds that keep on happening on a regular basis and the cybercriminals just disappear. Most people who are scammed are ashamed and embarrassed and don’t say anything to anyone, even if they have suffered from hefty losses. Others are searching for something, anything that can help them out.

The only problem is that this has provided scammers another opportunity to exploit people, especially those who are desperately looking for something that can help them in recovering their money. How? A number of services have been set up, which claim to specialize in helping victims of various frauds and scams in getting their money back. The important thing to remember is that not all of these services are legitimate. Most of these are scammers themselves who know that people are vulnerable and are attempting to take advantage of their vulnerability to make some money.

This is exactly the case with Action Refund. As the name indicates, this service claims to specialize in helping victims of various kinds of scams in getting their money back. As we all know, a drowning man will clutch at a straw and people and so, those who have been scammed see this as a ray of hope and immediately reach out to them for getting any kind of help. They want to recover their funds, as much as possible, and so, they are willing to use any tool at their disposal to achieve this goal. Therefore, a lot of people will end up flocking to Action Refund to get help.

As mentioned above, such services are also scams, so you need to check them out carefully before coming up with a verdict. The best way to go about it is by looking at what they are claiming first and then finding out if they can back their claims up. Action Refund states that anyone who has been scammed online, whether through a forex, binary or crypto trading scam or even a dating scam, can reach out to them. They state that they specialize in helping such victims in getting their due.

In order to do that, they require their potential clients to share their information with them. What kind of information? They ask for your personal information i.e. your name, phone number, address and other such details. Action Refund also asks you to provide information about the scam, how you became a victim and what you lost. They claim that they will first verify all the information you provide to them and then hand your case over to a designated team member who will go about recovering your money. To be honest, it sounds too good to be true, so what is the reality? Unfortunately, it is nothing but another scam and at the end of the day, Action Refund is only interested in scamming you.

They are also after your personal and confidential information for identity theft, they may even hack your accounts for stealing your money or they will charge you in the form of commission and fees and never get back to you. How do you know this is the case? Some of the things that clearly tell you that Action Refund is a fraud are:

  • No experience whatsoever

When matters as sensitive as recovering stolen money are concerned, you would obviously want to hand over the matter to someone who has experience in such areas. Online scams and frauds are very advanced and sophisticated and only someone who has a background in these matters will know how to go about it. Otherwise, how will they help you? The first problem you will encounter with Action Refund is that they don’t have any such experience in recovering money because they haven’t been around for that long.

But, what’s worse is that Action Refund actually tries to mislead you when it comes to their experience. It is a fact that they have not been established for very long, but when you go over their website and the information they have shared, it gives off the impression that they have been around for quite a while and they know what needs to be done to help you. Yet, when you check out their domain registration, you will discover that the company was just established in October 2019. This automatically throws everything they have said into suspicion because if they are lying about one thing, they could be lying about others.

Would you want to trust a company like that? Trust them with your information and your money when you have already been scammed before? Probably not.

  • No support for UK clients

When you visit Action Refund’s website, it is obvious what they do. After all, they have mentioned it clearly that their goal is to assist every single individual who has been defrauded by some online scam or scheme. So, why would they deny their services to clients in the United Kingdom? It wouldn’t make sense for them to do so and would come off as outright discrimination. People in the UK who have become victims of fake investment products, online dating scams or trading bots and scheme will not find any help from Action Refund.

Furthermore, the company has provided no explanation whatsoever for this decision at all and this is even more concerning. This immediately sends up a red flag because there is no logical explanation for them to deny their services. It would be logical if they were turning down a case because it wasn’t possible to recover the money, but shunning out clients from a country does not make any sense whatsoever.

  • No evidence for their claims

It is perfectly normal for a business, any business, to brag about what they can accomplish. You will never find a business telling you that they lack in something and they will always highlight their qualities. That doesn’t come as a surprise and Action Refund has also done the same. You can easily see it on their website, as they try to convince you that they can help you in getting your money back. In addition, they claim of having helped others in this situation as well and they have boasted about it on their website. The only problem is that there is zero evidence to back all the claims they make.

If other businesses make such claims, they provide statements and statistics or any other such information to back them up. The fact that Action Refund hasn’t done any such thing is alarming because there is no information that can actually back up their claims. Sure, they have put up some numbers, which they claim are amounts that they have helped recover on behalf of their clients. But, there is no track record that can confirm these numbers are authentic. Anyone can write up any numbers, but unless there is some way to back it up, you cannot just believe them.

You are seeking help in regard to a scam, so it doesn’t make sense to just accept a business’s claim when they don’t have any proof to show for them. Why would you trust a company like that with your personal information when they cannot disclose anything about their activities? Hence, you shouldn’t put your trust in Action Refund like that.

  • No proper reviews

In today’s online world, what is the first thing you look at about the business? Customers will usually check out the reviews and testimonials that the business has received because they can provide you the most honest insight into the business. After all these reviews are left by other customers, so they will share their experience and this will tell you if the company really does what it claims or not. You would obviously want to do the same with Action Refund because you will trust them with your personal details and you wish to confirm that they are capable of helping you.

This is where you will be disappointed because the reviews and testimonials that you will find about Action Refund don’t appear authentic at all. You will see that the reviews are vague and don’t really provide any details. The statements are unclear and if you take a close look at the accounts that have posted them, you will see that they don’t have any pictures at all. It was acceptable if there were a couple of accounts that didn’t have pictures, but it appears every single review is posted by accounts without any pictures and this is a warning sign.

These are usually indication of fake and paid reviews, which means they cannot be relied upon. Lack of proper and authentic customer reviews for Action Refund means they cannot be relied upon.

  • No explanation

Last, but certainly not the least, one of the biggest reasons that Action Refund comes off as a shady website is the fact that they have given no explanation about their process. Sure, they ask you to provide the details about your case, your personal information and all that, but they don’t reveal anything about themselves. Action Refund states that they will help you get your money back, but how will they do it? Any business that offers you a service provides details about how they go about it. If they don’t, customers can demand to know and legitimate and authentic businesses will comply and try to satisfy their clients.

But, no such thing has happened with Action Refund. Nowhere on their website do they provide any information about the steps they take for the recovery process. They do have an FAQ section on their website, but visiting it will stress you even further because it is full of mistakes and doesn’t appear to be professional at all. It tells you that Action Refund is not a professional service and are not really interested in helping anyone. This is the most basic information about their business and they should be forthcoming about it, but they have not done any such thing.

Moreover, you will not be able to get any response from their customer support when you try to reach out to them for answers and this is another indication of their lack of professionalism. They should be responsive and should try to satisfy their clients, but they don’t make any effort to do so.

Final Verdict

Unless you want to be a victim of another scam, have your identity stolen or your accounts hacked, you need to stay away from Action Refund.