After Rio De Janeiro, Another Brazilian City Considers Accepting Tax Payments In Crypto

The adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to grow in Brazil and things are now moving to the next level. The country has adopted a very welcoming attitude towards cryptocurrencies.

In Brazil, it is not just the independent users but the corporate sector including the government are all into cryptocurrencies.

This is the reason why cryptocurrencies are finding themselves being adopted by administrations in different cities in Brazil.

Part of a Big Plan

Brazil is the country that is the largest in the Latin-American region in terms of population and size. With a population of over 215 million, Brazil has so much to offer and gain from the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies have gained so much adoption and popularity in Brazil that they have become part of the country’s plans for tax collections and several developments.

Curitiba Considers Crypto for Tax Payments

There is a great rise in crypto adoption in Brazil as a mode of payment. Even the authorities responsible for collecting taxes are adding cryptocurrency adoption for the convenience of the taxpayers.

Just recently, Curitiba announced that it is considering the option of enabling crypto as a mode of payment for taxes.

Over time, more and more municipalities in Brazil are growing fond of cryptocurrencies and they are ready to accept them as a mode of payment for the citizens.

Payments for Municipal Taxes

It has been revealed that the city of Curitiba, Brazil is now undergoing consideration of accepting tax payments in cryptocurrencies.

Noemia Rocha, the city councilor revealed that they are strongly considering the enablement of cryptocurrencies for tax payments.

The locals would have the ability to make payments for municipal taxes using cryptocurrencies. Rocha was the one who came up with the idea that the city must strongly consider the adoption of cryptocurrencies as payments.

As per Rocha, they will be able to achieve their goal with support from third-party companies.

Brazil to Accept Crypto with Open Hearts

If the proposal is accepted by Curitiba and proceeds with the acceptance of tax payments with crypto, it would be a huge success for cryptocurrencies.

This would mean that the cryptocurrencies have been accepted in Brazil and have a high status there. This is because Curitiba is considered the technological hub in Brazil.

If the city adopts cryptocurrencies then it would go all out in incorporating them into different sectors. This would be a huge push for the crypto sector in the LATAM region.

Rio de Janeiro Inspired Curitiba

Curitiba has reportedly followed in the footsteps of Rio de Janeiro when it comes to the adoption of cryptocurrencies as tax payments.

If the city approves crypto payments for taxes, it would be a huge victory for the crypto industry in the country.

If the city does accept crypto payments, it may go with accepting DAI, USDT, and USDC, which could bring more trust and popularity to these cryptocurrencies.