After US Now Mexican Companies Too Want to Become Bitcoin Investor

Institutional investment trend for Bitcoin is growing rapid and has reached Mexico as well. An official of Mexican economic giant suggests that Mexican Investors’ confidence is bolstered for bringing in Bitcoin into their portfolios. Inspiration is drawn from companies such as Tesla and Microstrategy while an individual who inspired was Elson Musk.

It would not be wrong to suggest that the growth of crypto industry at global level is because of successfully trend following. There is always a trend which is followed by others wholeheartedly within the crypto space. For instance, it was Microstrategy’s investment into crypto space in 2020 which instantly brought institutional sector to join the crypto industry.

Another prominent trend these days relates to adding of Bitcoin hashtags at individual’s profiles at several social media platforms. Very recently, the renowned CEO of Tesla Inc., Elon Musk, who is also known as one of big crypto investor, has started a trend. What the CEO of Tesla did was adding Bitcoin hashtag in his Twitter profile. Thereafter, the trend was followed by another prominent crypto investor, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, who is regarded as the 3rd richest man in Mexico.

There is enough room available at all times for Bitcoin investment bandwagon which is evident from the statement of Mauricio Hurtado of Mexico.

Hurtado was being interviewed recently by El Economista in which he stated that crypto investment appetite has been growing within the Mexican business community.

Hurtado has been the MD of Mexican economic giant Price Waterhouse Cooper.

He stated that there are apparent uncertainties within the crypto space, yet crypto investment interest of Mexican business community is undeniable. He suggested that several individuals and entities within Mexico have been trying to bring Bitcoin into their investment portfolios.

He added that the trend of crypto investment is growing because most of them have come to believe that crypto transaction system is reliable. In addition, he stated that during the past two years crypto has been able to incorporate more stability. He said that the biggest fear for crypto investment was the issue of volatility. However, since pandemic the issue has been settled considerably and this has boosted confidence of Mexican investors.

Hurtado also referred to the director of Volabit, Tomas Alvarez Melis, who also spoke about Bitcoin recently. Hurtado suggested that investments from companies like Tesla and Microstrategy also bolstered Mexican Investors’ confidence. He also pointed out that it is time for the consulting firms to keep a track of developments taking place within crypto space. Also important is to consider consumer patterns in the future, said Hurtado.

He was of the opinion that crypto has changed the course of financial system by technological evolution. This evolution has convinced entrepreneurs as well as institutional sector to accept Bitcoin as a store of value.