Agartha Asset Management Review – What Services Does This Company Offer?

Agartha Asset Management Review


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Agartha Asset Management Review

Agartha Asset Management logoThe covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the global economy. Almost every trader and investor has suffered from it one way or another. Consultation and asset management services that were already not satisfactory have seen a huge rise in demand because of the pandemic. Now every trader and investor wants to make up for the losses gained in the year 2020, but only a few reliable options are available in the market for this work. In this Agartha Asset Management review, I will remove your worry as it is a hundred percent reliable option.

When you begin your search for a company that can manage your assets safely, you will find hundreds of options on the internet alone. Almost every single firm will pledge to earn you maximum profits with minimum risks attached in a short period. But the question that arises at this moment is that is the firm capable of doing so or only making these claims to attract more clients? Of course, these types of promises fascinate the customers a great deal, but it doesn’t make the ordinary into a trustable firm. The point I want you to realize is that only a few of the available options are trustworthy of handing over your money. If you understand this point, you will never become a victim of any manipulative firm.

A name that stands out among all other firms is Agartha Asset Management, and it can catch every trader’s attention. But before you visit this platform, you need to know what are the plus points of this firm and what makes it different from other available options. I have found some major points and explained them below so that you understand the firm in a better way.

Agartha Asset Management website

Poignant Track Record

The first point that I want to share with you, which makes Agartha Asset Management one of the best available options, is its transparent and spotless background. Contrary to the majority of other available options in front of you, it has a lot of experience in its name. It has been providing its services since 2011, which means that it has served its clients for a decade now. During these 10 years of service, it has been providing services like asset management, economic planning, and institutional consultation. These services are not ordinary as they can make your career flourish.

In addition to this, you will notice that the firm has already provided its services to more than 12 thousand clients in its 10 years of service. At the present moment, assets worth more than 8 billion dollars are being managed by Agartha Asset Management. This numerical data proves that the firm possesses all the required experience needed for expanding its portfolio. The company is based in Iceland and started its services with a single office, but now it has expanded the number of its offices to 11. All the offices are located in different countries of the world to better facilitate its customers. Its means that its clients belong to all over the world and to provide them with the best services, its website is available in three different languages. The languages include English, German and Spanish.

Services Provided By Agartha Asset Management

So now you have got a rough idea and the history of this firm so now I am going to tell you about the kinds of services being provided by this firm. One thing that I want to clear here is that the firm is not handled by 1 or a few individuals. Indeed it is being run by more than 20 persons who are all experts in their relevant fields. They know all the traditional as well as modern techniques to expand the portfolio by keeping the risk at a minimum level. If you have certain doubts regarding the team members, then you can check their details because it is a very transparent firm and keeps its details open to every client. It proves that they are assured of their competence and have no hesitation in opening up.

Agartha Asset Management provides wealth management, consultation, and asset management services. Its services are more useful for a portfolio when they are used for a long-term scenario. Cryptocurrencies have been added to the assets to allow its clients to get an advantage from their volatility. Although the decisions depend on the client himself, the team of Agartha Asset Management stays side by side with clients to guide them on how to keep the risk factor low.

Easy Registration Procedure

Another prominent feature of Agartha Asset Management that you will find amazing is its easy sign-up process. It is a very good feature because we live in a fast-moving world where people like less time-consuming things. While searching for an asset management firm, no one likes a company whose requirements are strict and time-consuming. People leave the platform immediately, which requires lengthy paperwork or asking for irrelevant information. Fortunately, you wouldn’t find any of these problems on this platform as it has designed a simple sign-up form.

When you select Agartha Asset Management as your financial advisor, you can register with it by filling a simple registration form available on its website. The data that you will need to fill in this form is basic and takes less than five minutes to complete the process. You will not have to worry about your privacy as well because the information is not sensitive. The information you will be required to enter is as follows:

  • First name of the client
  • Last name of the client
  • Nationality
  • Email ID
  • Contact number (Cell phone)
  • A strong Password

After entering this information, you will have to select a currency that you want to use. Two currency options are available on the platform, Euro and US Dollar. After this, the last step comes, which is to agree with the terms and conditions of the firm. The requirements end here, and then you will be forwarded to the next step, which is to select an account type.

Account Options

When a person is looking for an asset management company, it means that he wants to use his savings productively. The amount of money saved by every person is different from each other. The savings of an individual and the capital of an institutional investor are never equal, and Agartha Asset Management is aware of it. This is the reason why it is offering multiple account types so that it can facilitate and satisfy all of its customers in a better way. So you can take advantage of this firm even if you don’t own thousands of dollars.

Agartha Asset Management offers five types of accounts for its customers. The accounts mainly differ in terms of the initial deposit limit, which starts from 250 dollars and goes up to 150k dollars. The accounts are named Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Now I will discuss all of these accounts in detail so that you get to know what features are offered in these accounts.

Features offered in Basic Account

The basic account is the most affordable account introduced by Agartha Asset Management. The minimum balance required to open a basic account is only 250 dollars. Customer support service is also provided 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without any extra charges. Withdrawals get approved within 5 working days, which is understandable in a basic account. Leverage of 1:02 is offered in this account, and alerts are also provided regarding trading events. If we look at the education section, access to a webinar is also granted every week. Keeping in mind that it is a basic account, these features are more than enough for beginners.

Features offered in Bronze Account

The bronze account is the second most affordable account offered by Agartha Asset Management Company. The minimum credit required to own this account is 7,500 dollars. Like the basic account, customer support service representatives remain available 24/7. The main difference that I felt in this account is that withdrawals are approved in 3 days as compared to 5 days in the basic account. The leverage also gets better as it stays at 1:05 in the bronze account. Another additional feature included in this account type is that market reviews are sent daily. Other features like the webinars remain the same as in the basic account.

Features offered in Silver Account

The third account offered by Agartha Asset Management is the silver Account. In this account, the minimum requirement of funds increases to 25,000 dollars. In this account, the withdrawal requests are processed in only two days. The Silver account holders get a direct line to their account executive. The leverage is further increased to 1:07 for the silver account. A major feature that makes it different and better from previous accounts is the provision of the complete money management program. The rest of the features remain unchanged.

Features offered in Gold Account

Gold account is the fourth and the most famous account of Agartha Asset Management firm. The initial deposit limit is increased to 60k dollars, but when you see its features, you will say that the limit is just. A trading event is organized every month for Gold account holders. The withdrawal processing takes only one day, and leverage is further increased to 1:10. On top of all, a 30 percent welcome bonus is also given to every trader with a Gold account. Not just the webinars but 1 on 1 educational course is also arranged so that the clients can improve their skills by learning new things.

Features Offered in Platinum Account

The most advanced and fully loaded account plan offered by Agartha Asset Management is the Platinum account. To open this account, you need at least 150,000 dollars. For these account holders, trading events are organized every week. The withdrawals are approved within a few minutes without any kind of wait or delay. 1:15 leverage is provided along with 45 percent cash back upon registration. Not just 1 on 1 training but a VIP mentorship facility is also being provided in the platinum account. All the features of previously mentioned accounts are available in this account.

All these accounts provide customer support, a direct line to the executive, and leverage on trades. The other features are different in all accounts, so you should select an account by evaluating your personal needs and requirements.

Trading Room of Agartha Asset Management

When a person selects an asset management firm, he needs to check its every feature and offering separately before making the final decision. From my point of view, every aspect should be checked, but as a trader, you spend most of the time in the trading room. So the trading room of the website should be hundred percent in every regard. Either you will make profits or end up at a loss. Everything depends on this feature.

The trading room of Agartha Asset Management is its main strength. Although every feature is amazing but the trading room is a masterpiece of software engineering. First of all, it is kept very simple. Secondly, it shows information graphically in a well-sorted manner. When you select an asset, its live price will start displaying in front of you. You can see its history as well the way you want. Its highest and the lowest price of the current day will also be shown in front of you. You can select it to 5 minutes, 1 day, 1 week, or 1-month history. Below this graphical data, you will see some other trading-related options by using which you can sell or purchase any asset.

Investment Philosophy of Agartha Asset Management

Earning money on behalf of other people is not an easy task. It is work that puts a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. As I have already told you in the beginning that Agartha Asset Management firm has been in this service for a decade now, and in these years, it has created its philosophy regarding investment. Its philosophy allows exploiting highly profitable assets with the least possible risks attached to them.

The investment philosophy leads towards a long-term strategy. It encourages its users to invest the money for a longer period as in this way, the chances of a loss further decline. The long-term investment gives a chance to understand the market and its trends in a better way and then react accordingly.

But this doesn’t mean that the firm only works on long-term strategy. The firm reacts against the tide as well and adjusts its strategy according to the situation. When an opportunity shows up, it never procrastinates to respond. In a nutshell, the firm keeps a 360-degree view of the market and preys on every opportunity to gain profits for its clients and expand its portfolio.

Customer Support Service

Customer Support service is a mandatory feature for every asset management firm as clients cannot be satisfied without a responsive customer support service. If any client faces any problem and doesn’t find timely help from the firm, he may end up in loss and will feel discontented. This happens in the market quite frequently as the firms ignore this important feature to lower the number of their staff. This negligence affects the customers directly, and their career faces a big question mark. Even if some of the firms are providing customer support services, still they are not as responsive as they should be.

Agartha Asset Management has taken this point very seriously and assigned some of its team members to this specific task of helping the clients in every situation. Even though the complaint rate is next to none but still the firm has not closed its eyes in this matter and fulfilled its duty by creating a customer support team that operates 24/7. You can contact the customer support team whenever you feel the need through the following methods.

The first method to contact the firm is by visiting any of its offices physically. But this option is not considered convenient in the modern world. That is why you should choose an option from the next options. The second option available for you is to contact by using the phone number of the firm. If due for any reason, you cannot avail of this option. Then you can send a written complaint to the official email address of Agartha Asset management.

Bottom Line

After reading this review, you would have got a clear idea that Agartha Asset Management is highly competent in providing the services it advertises. It helps the customers in improvising an acclimated investment portfolio that can help in achieving the set financial targets.

The features like its robust customer support, trading room, and a variety of available accounts make it better than other available options. That is why I recommend you to end your search here and register yourself with Agartha Asset Management by filling its simple sign up form.