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Alfabtc Review


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 Alfabtc Review

Alfabtc logoAlfabtc is a competent brokerage firm known for its fast and efficient execution of trade. The broker operates globally equipped with the advanced tools and techniques. The broker assists the traders in chalking out the best possible strategies using their platform to gain maximum profit from their investment. With the changing market trends, Alfabtc keeps on updating their tools and instruments to keep pace with new trends.

It provides the traders a user-friendly environment and convenient trading solutions to start their trading adventure. Here is given an explicit Alfabtc review that will describe some of the exemplary features of the broker that makes it a reliable firm for the traders.


Before starting the trade with any broker, the safety and regulation should be ensured. Alfabtc is a regulated and licensed trading platform that follows strict guidelines and regulations. The broker ensures that the customer’s funds are kept in separate accounts to avoid the mixing of the customer’s and broker’s payments.

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Moreover, the credentials of the clients are also kept confidential as per the regulations. All the data is initially encrypted in order to inhibit any cybercrime activity.

Legal Business

Alfabtc is a legal firm and an official member of Crypto Conduct Authority. The firm has endured all the required tests and evaluations and has passed them all successfully.

Being the part of the financial domain, the broker has to be alert and regulated in order to avoid any kind of illicit activity. They are strictly restricted to follow all the AML and KYC policies and expect their customers to do the same. In case of any query, the customers can contact them over the email and phone number details provided over their website.

Flexible Account Types

Many brokers do not offer multiple accounts for their customers in order to avoid any complexity in the future. Alfabtc, however offers five different types of accounts to the customers depending on their trading requirements and portfolio. They have different policies for the beginners and the professional traders. The broker offers multiple trade policies and advanced tools to the customers so that they can trade effectively and increase their profit ratio.


Alfabtc leverage

Alfabtc offers high leverage ratios to the customers. It is a characteristic property of CFD trading that it provides high leverage to the traders for their products. Leveraged products enhance the product exposure in the market adding to the profit probability of the trader. The leverage provided on crypto assets is usually lower than any other leveraged product but still it proves to be useful for the traders.


Every firm strives to keep their tools and techniques updated according to the changing market trends. For this purpose, they utilize the updated softwares and advanced techniques from any third party, such suppliers are called as affiliates.

Alfabtc also integrates with the affiliates and deploy the advanced technologies from them into their servers to facilitate their customers. However, if someone provides any confidential data to the affiliates, the broker would not be held responsible for any trouble afterwards.


When a customer buys an asset from a platform and then returns it back on the same platform, the difference in the prices defines the spread. This difference in both prices actually benefits the broker as a bonus to earn profit as their platform is being utilized by the trader for trading.

Alfabtc also offer tight spreads for the customers that do not vary much with the changing market trends. Spreads are mandatory for a broker in order to keep its business running.


Alfabtc is a reliable broker firm assisting the traders in online trading through the advanced tools and updated techniques. The broker is efficiently operating globally and provides competent policies and services to the traders worldwide. Trusted by the traders, the broker also makes sure that the assets of the customers are safe and secure and in case of any illicit activity take an immediate action.