Alternative Coins Which Are Speculated To Have A Boom In Their Value During March

Austin Arnold is the Altcoin Daily’s co-founder and a crypto trader. He has mentioned eight alternative coins which are going to explode in value during March, according to him.

Top 8 Alternative Coins According to Austin Arnold

Arnold started off his list with Bondly in a new video. Bondly is a digital asset that works with the peer-to-peer cross-chain framework. He also highlighted that NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens or digital collectibles is the new trend, and it has been growing very quickly, and the facilitation of the sale of Logan Paul’s digital collectibles worth almost $3.5 million has put Bondly on the track to become successful and keep growing with the NFT industry.

According to him, NFTs are just at the starting point of a long haul right now. People are becoming more and more interested in NFTs every day, and although there are ups and downs in any industry, the trend for NFTs will go up because people are genuinely interested in them.

Cardano is the second alternative coin on Arnold’s list. He mentioned the low gas fees of Cardano compared to the high fees of Ethereum and Cardano’s celebrity associations like Gene Simmons, the Kiss Bassist.

He says that Cardano has a great chance of booming in March because the celebrities are endorsing it, and it has lower gas fees compared to ETH. He has a bullish view of this altcoin.

The third alternative coin on Arnold’s list is Chainlink, and the bullish sign comes from the recent upgrade of Chainlink’s Off-Chain Reporting. He says that Chainlink has a great chance of erupting in March because of its upgraded OCR system, which entails reduced gas fees, and investors are very sensitive to the gas fees as it limits particular networks. Their move of reducing gas fees by a significant amount will make them bullish.

Tezos is the fourth alternative coin which Arnold is expecting to give an upward trend during March. The reason for that is the availability of Tezos is one of Switzerland’s oldest banks.

Umbrella Network (UMB) is the fifth altcoin on the list due to the high demand for its IDO. The sixth on the list is ORN as it nears its mainnet launch. Seventh on the list is SuperFarm, and the list was closed with Ethereum due to its high demand even with the high gas fees.