Amazon Posts A Vacancy For A Blockchain And Digital Currency Strategy Leader

In recent news, Amazon has announced that it is actively searching to fill a vacancy for the head of a new Blockchain Product and Digital Currency Unit. Many have since speculated that this could be another key step towards increasing mainstream cryptocurrency adoption.

The company is absolutely determined to successfully maintain its overall reputation as being one of the most innovative organizations in the world. As such, it is actively trying to experiment with the crypto industry and market via the abovementioned new unit. Ideally, Amazon would want to hire a cryptocurrency and blockchain specialist to fill the role.

The ideal candidate

A portion of the job description read that the candidate will be required to have plentiful experience regarding crypto and blockchain and will strive to help develop the company’s Blockchain and Digital Currency strategy as well as the product roadmap. Regarding the applicant’s requirements, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or any equivalent qualification must have been earned by the candidate, and he or she should also possess over ten years’ worth of technology or business experience, along with a key understanding of metrics and data. Excellent communication and team management skills are also highly recommended. More importantly, the candidate must be comfortable with moving to Seattle, Washington, or already be based there. Information about any salary offers has not yet been disclosed.

The company remains convinced that there is a desperate need for increased innovation regarding the sector of finance and payments. The blockchain and crypto development team is thus a strong indication of Amazon’s growing interest in further exploring all possibilities for these new emerging technologies so that current financial services and products can be improved upon.

Amazon’s relationship with cryptocurrency

This is not the first time that the company has expressed an interest in crypto, as it was in 2017 that it had managed to buy a few domains which had linked Amazon’s brand to the new digital asset class. These included the likes of,, and Back then, however, Patrick Gauthier had informed everyone that the company had no plans of actively getting involved with crypto, nor did it intend to actually support cryptocurrency payments.

However, as time progressed and the aforementioned mainstream adoption for crypto and blockchain increased, Amazon had decided to alter its stance, as the company is now relatively much more willing and open-minded regarding going public with its, some would say, casual relationship with the cryptocurrency industry.