AMCs Theater Chain to Start Accepting Crypto Soon

Adam Aron, who happens to be one of the bosses of AMC entertainment Holdings made some revelations recently. Some of these revelations happened to be quite pertinent to the world of crypto. In one of his statements, the AMC entertainment holdings boss claimed that its theaters will start accepting bitcoin and various other forms of crypto very soon. Most of these purchases will include things like the purchase of tickets.

Initially, people were not sure if this was actually going to happen but later on, it got confirmed that AMC theaters would actually start accepting transactions in the form of bitcoin and various other forms of cryptocurrencies. The confirmation happened in the form of a tweet and one the tweet was posted, crypto enthusiasts became incredibly jubilant. One of the things that made crypto lovers extra happy is the fact that they could also use their crypto for concession-related payments as well.

Unfortunately, however, these changes will take place by the end of 2021 and it will take a great deal of time for the crypto change to come into effect. Many people have been wondering if they will need to make any transaction using other forms of crypto like Bitcoin cash, litecoin, or Ethereum. Fortunately, however, it was confirmed that they would indeed be able to use other forms of crypto for AMC theater transactions by the end of the year.

Bitcoin prices so far have been quite low compared to how it used to be a few months ago. On the other hand, the prices of litecoin have gone up by over 1%, which shows that the market has been fluctuating for a fair bit of time. That being said, volatility is part of the crypto trading game and changes like these happen quite frequently.

Ever since AMC theaters made its crypto related announcement, a large number of organizations also showed keen interest in making the transition towards crypto. As a matter of fact, there have already been monumental changes made in massive organizations, showing that crypto will soon become the currency of the future. While there is no denying that the cryptocurrency bandwagon is in full swing, concerns have been raised regarding how environmentally friendly it is.

As a matter of fact, there have even been protests held over the past few years. However, organizations and crypto exchanges have been quite proactive in addressing this issue, making sure that more people invest in crypto. With AMC announcing that it will be accepting crypto as a form of payment, it would be fair to assume that other organizations could also follow suit and become crypto-friendly.