American Rock Star Gene Simmons Becomes A Bitcoiner

The famous bassist of Kiss, the band, and popular rock star, Gene Simmons informs his Twitter followers of him purchasing Bitcoins. The rock star also told to have bought Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin etc. as well other than Bitcoin.

Gene Simmons, whose popularity is widely known as lead singer for famous US’s band called Kiss, told that he has bought Bitcoins.

Simmons revealed his buying of Bitcoin on Sunday the 31st January, 2021 on his official Twitter account. The rock star has over 900k fan following at Twitter informed that other than Bitcoin he has purchase other cryptocurrencies as well. Another crypto holding of Simmons comprised of Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin etc.

It was in September last year when the famous rock start has shown his willingness to become a Bitcoiner. At that time he hashtagged Cameron Winklevoss in a tweet post on the subject of Bitcoin which contained a cryptic message. Though at that time no one guessed what the message was about, however, as of today, the message is loud and clear. On this Sunday, Simmons publicly announced of having become a crypto investor. In particular, he said that he was glad that he made the perfect decision of investing in Bitcoin and other prominent cryptocurrencies.

In his tweet, he explained that by making this revelation he does not mean to insist upon anyone to follow his footsteps. Simmons clarified that becoming a Bitcoiner was his own choice which made him to invest further in other digital assets as well.

After coming to know of this, crypto enthusiasts too responded to Simmons’s tweet and congratulated him. Amongst them was one @themooncarl who appreciated Simmons and said that buying a Bitcoin under US$100 K is undeniably a fair price.

Look at great response on his tweet post, Simmons then went onto post further messages. He then revealed that apart from mainstream crypto assets, he has bought some other coins as well. He suggested that his digital wallet now also includes XRP and Dogecoin as well.

Though many questioned his purchasing of XRP, however, most of them were pleased to see Simmons joining the industry.