Andrei Badoiu’s Bot Will Buy Bitcoin Every Time Elon Musk Tweets

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos continue to upscale each other as the richest men in the world. However, where Bezos cannot upscale Musk is the cryptocurrency space, as the Tesla Owner has become one of the market movers. Musk’s influence over cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and Bitcoin continues to be prevalent in the last few months, as his social media tweets about the digital assets have always moved their prices.

However, Crypto trader- Andrei Badoiu is one of the retailers who seem to be exploiting the influence of Musk over these digital assets. The crypto trader has now developed a bot, which can carry out any crypto-related activity anytime Musk tweets.

Badoiu believes he’s not the first person to use such technology

While it appears that many big bulls are benefitting from the influence of Musk over digital assets like Bitcoin and Dogecoin, Badoiu seems to be the fastest beneficiary. However, Badoiu’s Bot is concerned with Bitcoin, a digital asset that Musk spent $1.5 billion to buy in the early part of the year. In his interview, Badoiu believes that he is not the first retailer to utilize such tools to enjoy the dividends of a volatile market, as he confirmed that several Wallstreet bulls had designed such protocols in the past.

While also admitting that his new tool utilizes modern and digital data analytics models, he believes that these investors’ previous Bot relied on the traditional data analytics model. According to Badoiu, one of the Bot abilities includes buying Bitcoin immediately after Elon Musk has tweeted, after which he might decide to sell later, at the inflated market price. Unfortunately, the Bot process will not be one that will fascinate many crypto traders due to the complex nature of its activities. According to Badoiu, the operations of the Bot will depend on its synchronization with a MetaTrader5 account and Twitter developer tools.

Badoiu wants his Bot to be adopted by big crypto players

It is worthy to note that, while Badoiu’s Bot is a fascinating idea, the Bot is yet to yield any value for its creator. Unfortunately, since the crypto trader launched the Bot, Elon Musk is yet to tweet about Bitcoin, much to the dismay of Badoiu, who is eager to see how effective the Bot is. However, Badoiu is outsourcing his revenue generation off the project, as he confirmed that he has been sharing the link to download it on Reddit and GitHub. Badoiu’s innovation, despite its few complexities, is built for the future.

In his interview, Badoiu is optimistic that his Bot will get the attention of several other top Blockchain technology firms like crypto exchanges, needing such data-reliant bots for price predictions in the future. Badoiu is a firm believer in automation and has incorporated a sentiment analytics toll to his Bot, which could decipher negative and p[ositive comments. The perception behind this automation is because Badoiu believes that negative comments could likely leave no effect on Bitcoin when compared to positive comments. However, Badoiu is optimistic about his Bot and expects general acceptance in the cryptocurrency space.