Another Major Shipment of Bit Mining’s Mining Rigs Sent off into Kazakhstan

Since Bit Mining has earmarked Kazakhstan to be the next place where it would be establishing headquarters, the Bitcoin mining company has been sending loads of mining rigs into Kazakhstan. Another shipment containing newly bought 2,500 Bitcoin mining rigs has been sent off into Kazakhstan by Bit Mining. The miner wishes to increase its existing hash rate for further petahashes by 165 per second.

When Bit Mining was forced to move its business out of China, the company has had to look for alternatives. At that moment, the company earmarked Kazakhstan, a complete land lock country, for the purposes of establishing headquarter in the region. The decision was then finalized and started to be implemented upon by Bit Mining. Since then the miner had been sending shipments containing equipment and material for Bitcoin mining. In an earlier shipment, the company had sent approximately 2,500 rigs into Kazakhstan where it had planned to erect the main office.

Bit mining intends to erect multiple Bitcoin mining data centers in various parts of the country along with the headquarter. The company has now been informed that it has entered into an agreement with a mining rig manufacturing company. Under the agreement, the first purchase of Bit Mining from the purchases comprises over 2,500 new mining rigs. The acquisition cost roughly US$ 6.6 Million to Bit Mining.

For the time being, Bit Mining is expecting the delivery of the purchased equipment which will be made available to it next week. Meanwhile, Bit Mining has decided that once the newly bought machines arrive, they will be immediately shipped to Kazakhstan. The company further revealed that when the machines will reach Kazakhstan, arrangements have been made for their quick installation. Once the machines are installed, Bit Mining is hoping that it will be able to increase its existing hashrate promisingly. As per Bit Mining, the installation of new equipment into Kazakhstan will allow miners to increase their minting capacity by 165 petahashes p/second.

The company further stated that it will continue to acquire more mining rigs depending on the crypto market and the budget available to it. It said that the aim of the company is to continuously acquire cost-efficient mining rigs and simultaneously increase its mining capability. Bit Mining commented that the company is ready to expand its Bitcoin minting arm in the most prudent way. The company intends to hold its status as the leading miner in the Bitcoin mining industry.

So far, Bit Mining has been able to successfully install about a total of 3,819 Bitcoin mining rigs into Kazakhstan. While other shipments containing thousands of mining rigs are expecting delivery within Kazakhstan. It was revealed that about 4,033 further mining rigs belonging to Bit Mining are on their way to reach their destination.