Another US City Setting up Infrastructure to Integrate Bitcoin into the City Commerce

Jackson, a modern city in Maddison County, Tennesse, is looking at a new development goal ahead of itself in the upcoming years. This new project is no ordinary highway project but the start of a major crypto transition of the region. Mayor Scott Conger has shared plans for setting up a blockchain task force to find suggestions and prepare a blueprint for the execution of the crypto transition of the city. 

Conger was talking with the crypto media tabloid As per his statement, the plans for digital currency transformation of the city are pretty straightforward at the moment. His task force would start at the base and build up the momentum from there. It is the start of a hunt for crypto technicians and experts who could join the team and guide the process under their experienced supervision.

Crypto Transition Bills Becoming more Frequent Phenomenon in the US States

The current plans of the mayor are not a big surprise for many. It seems that last year Dennis Powers, State representative of Tennessee, introduced a bill that commanded the need for conducting in-depth research on the subject of blockchain. The research was to be focused on the use of digital assets in enhancing productivity for banks, payments, loans, and other similar fields.

A local business in another Tennessee city, Nashville, added cryptocurrency payments to the list of payment methods. The business by the name of Bobby hotel is the first in the state to get in line with the state’s cryptocurrency program. The city of Jackson is the 8th largest city of the state in question. However, it is only natural that the rest of the cities are to follow suit in terms of crypto adoption.

Bitcoin Case: Mayor Following Mayor From one US state to another

A few days ago, the mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, shared his version of crypto transition plans for the upcoming year. Conger added in his media briefs that he has been taking notes from Suarez in this matter. Suarez has already put the arrangements in motion to get approval for reimbursing municipal employees with Bitcoin and invest the city reserves in the crypto exchange markets for earning big returns. 

In a recent interview, Suarez has also told the media that he wishes to take back mining dominance from China by setting up massive mining plants in Miami. A few days ago, Miami Heat’s American Airlines were renamed FTX Arena after signing a deal with the local crypto exchange forum.