Apple Boss Reveals Crypto Ownership

It turned out that Apple boss, Tim Cook, too has been an owner of virtual currencies as has been disclosed by the man himself during an interview with Andrew Ross Sorkin of New York Times.

Crypto economy continues to be dominated by Bitcoin in which the latter led the world’s crypto-economy to exceed US$ 3 Trillion. The value of global crypto assets has gone past the market value of Apple Inc. as well with a US$500 Billion margin. Apple was once the world’s fastest-growing company, however, the crown has been stolen from Apple by crypto.

However, the growth of crypto, especially Bitcoin, hasn’t gone unnoticed in the Apple Inc. It turned out that Tim Cook, who has been leading Apple Inc. as its CEO, too has been found to be a crypto owner. The fact of Cook being a crypto owner wasn’t disclosed by anyone else. In fact, he revealed his crypto holding while he was in an interview with Andrew Ross Sorkin of New York Times.

Sorkin asked Cook whether he had ever invested in cryptocurrencies. In response Cook said, “If you hadn’t asked specifically, then I wouldn’t have ever disclosed. But since you had asked the question then I have to tell you the correct answer.” Cook then said “yes”, he has been holding a couple of cryptocurrencies in his personal portfolio. He opined that having crypto in his ownership seems reasonable to him for the sake of diversity.

The next question faced by Cook was yet another question on the same subject. He was asked about Apple’s future plans with regard to crypto. In response, the CEO told Sorkin that his company is interested in introducing crypto at its platform but it will have to wait. He was asked how Apple wants to induct crypto within its system. Cook responded that they were considering launching of crypto payment options. He said that there is a huge majority of Apple users who have been requesting the company to provide crypto payment option at Apple Store. However, there is a certain task which Apple has set up. When this task would be complete, Apple will introduce crypto payment without any further due.

The third question pertained to the possibility of Apple Inc. investing in Bitcoin. In response to this question Cook suggested that “no”, the company policy is clear. He told that Apple doesn’t wish to invest money in any of virtual currencies. Instead, the company wants to keep its balance sheet clean from cryptocurrencies. However, there isn’t any embargo upon anyone from Apple to invest in crypto.

After learning that Cook owns cryptocurrencies, Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy had a piece of advice for Apple’s boss. He suggested that if Bitcoin and Apple become partners then there will be innumerable profits for both.