At Least 500 Restaurants in US Offering Bitcoin Rewards to Diners

Landry’s, which is one of the biggest restaurant chain of the US, has been pleased to offer Bitcoin rewards to the customers opting to dine in. The offer will be available at the 500 restaurants of Landry spreading across the entire US. At three million customers would be entitled to earn Bitcoin rewards. The restaurant chain has also committed that it will soon be investing money for Bitcoin acquisition.

Enjoying the food at the restaurants will never be the same for the diners in the US as it was in the past. In fact, there will be crypto rewards, especially of Bitcoins, for the diners who would choose to go and enjoy their meals at restaurants. The offer of giving away Bitcoin rewards has been offered by one of the biggest chain of restaurants of the US namely “Landry’s”.

The official announcement of reward program was announced by Landry’s on 9th November, 2021. Landry’s told specifically that it has become partners with a crypto investment firm namely “New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG)”. Under the partnership, NYDIG would make it possible for Landry’s to offer Bitcoin loyal rewards to its customers opting to dine in. The reward offering will however be available to only those customers who have become members of “Landry’s Select Club”.

The announcement detailed that Landry’s and NYDIG have become official partners. The partnership will aim at giving back to the loyal customers of Landry’s phenomenal rewards in the shape of Bitcoin points. The offer will be sent live subsequently at the 500 restaurants of Landry’s spreading all over the US.

Landry’s has already been rewarding incentives to its customers from the Landry’s Select Club. For instance, against one dollar spending, a customer is entitled to earn one point. If a customer has for say 250 points in his or her account then this would mean he or she owns US$ 25 reward.

As regards the launch of the Bitcoin reward program, Landry’s informed that the offering will be launched at Thanksgiving. The offer will be available to all members of Landry’s Select Club, who are more than 3.2 million in numbers.

It was further told by Landry’s that it wishes to utilize some of its funds lying in its balance sheet for Bitcoin investment. It said that Bitcoin’s isn’t the lead crypto only but instead it is also the lead profitable cryptocurrency in the world. It acknowledged the fact that Bitcoin’s market has grown exponentially big and it cannot be reduced down now for sure. There is no question about the fact that in the coming times, Bitcoin will be the most valuable asset in the world. Keeping this in mind, Landry’s want to make sure it has a couple of Bitcoins to its ownership and wait for the time to come.