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Avalon-WM Review

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Avalon-WM is a brokerage firm, which is delivering its services in many instruments like CFD Trading, Crypto trading, Stocks, Indices, and Commodities. In fact, for every asset that a trader can think of trading online, Avalon-WM is providing those assets. In this Avalon-WM review, we are going to study more about the platform and see that in the world of online trading, how Avalon-WM is playing its role and providing some pretty astonishing features to the traders.

While choosing a broker, there are some things that every trader has to keep in mind. For example security, it is one of the most important features that every trader would want. So before you sign up with any brokerage firm, you should be aware of what that broker provides, and it is worth spending your time, money, and energy with that particular broker. A broker can enhance as well as ruin your entire experience. For example, if you are an experienced trader and know every tactic and trading strategy, but the broker you are signed up with is delivering what it claimed, then all of your skills are of no use. Because no matter how perfectly you invest your capital in a guaranteed asset, you are still not going to get the full benefit out of it. You may get scammed by your broker, your information or money can get stolen. There are endless possibilities of how an unprofessional broker can ruin your entire trading experience.

Now there is a second scenario as well. Imagine if you are an inexperienced trader and don’t know much about how exactly online trading works. But you have signed up with a professional and reliable brokerage firm which is extremely helpful and beneficial. You are surely going to get a lot of benefits regardless of your inexperience. And all of that because of the experience and legitimacy of the brokerage firm that you registered with. A professional broker always helps its traders. No matter what mistakes do a trader makes, a reliable broker is always going to be along with that trader.

Now that you know how important it is to choose your broker wisely, another question arises: how do you find the best broker? As there are hundreds of brokerage firms that are present on the internet. Some are legit, while others are just scams and frauds. So it is really confusing, especially for new traders, to find the best broker who is going to be beneficial for you. I have done the research and found one of the top brokerage firms named Avalon-WM.

If you are looking for a worthy brokerage firm and are tired of the scams and frauds that are out there, then this platform is surely the best option you have right now. There are many brokers who are listed along with Avalon-WM, but in this article, we are going to see how Avalon-WM is the most vital option that you have as a trader. So let us start with the million-dollar question, should I trust this broker, or is it another scam?

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Is Avalon-WM A Worthy Choice?

Brokerage firms are a platform where traders can come and trade any of their preferred assets. We will talk mainly about crypto trading in this article so let us start with that. Avalon-WM is offering a platform to trade cryptocurrencies. But we know that every trader has his own preference and choice when it comes to online trading. Some require user-friendly platforms which are extremely easy to understand and use, while the traders who are more experienced prefer more features and can compromise with complex platforms. So it is not possible to give a statement. Whatever I will tell you will be according to my preference and likings, but it is possible that the points on the basis of which I am calling Avalon-WM a worthy choice are actually not worth it for you. And you are looking for something different.

In order to avoid any confusion, I have done the research and found out some of the very interesting features of Avalon-WM. Some of them are also only exclusive to this platform. These points are listed below and are going to help you to make a better and more informed decision.

While going deep into the platform, I noticed that many traders are pretty satisfied with the overall performance of this broker. Reviews and testimonials are the best way to see whether or not traders are satisfied with the brokerage firm. The main reason for traders being satisfied with Avalon-WM is because it is a complete platform for the traders who are willing to trade online assets. Everything that is claimed by Avalon-WM before registration of the traders, all of those features are delivered with excellence.

Every feature that is required by a trader to enhance his trading experience is offered by Avalon-WM, whether it is a user-friendly platform or secured trading technology. Everything is delivered to the traders with complete professionalism. This is why all of the traders that have experienced Avalon-WM have given satisfactory reviews to the platform.

  • A Secured Platform

Security is a key feature for any broker firm. In the world of online trading, there are many scams and frauds working along with legit brokerage firms. And for new traders, it is not easy to distinguish between a legit and scam platform. That is why many new traders face scams and get trapped by these disguised frauds.

Avalon-WM is a regulated platform which means that all of the standard requirements ensure the safety of trader’s privacy and security. When a trader registers himself with any brokerage firm, he provides personal as well as financial information to the platform through which he can open his account. But everyone should keep in mind that this information is being stored on an online platform which means it is stored on the internet. And if it is stored on the internet, then it is accessible by everyone, which includes brokerage firms as well as scammers as well. So, it is the responsibility of the broker to ensure the safety of the trader’s data and money, but the question arises whether a broker that you are registering with is meeting all the requirements or not.

As this platform is regulated by many financial regulatory authorities, that means it meets all the minimum requirements and protocols. The first policy that is adopted by Avalon-WM is AML which is abbreviated as Anti Money Laundering policy. This policy ensures that there is no illegal activity being performed on the platform. This includes any type of money laundering, illegal transactions, and many more. This policy is kept as standard by many financial authorities to ensure that all of the transactions that are happening on the platform are legit and legal.

The second type of policy that is adopted by Avalon-WM is KYC or Know Your Customer policy. This policy requires brokers to contain complete knowledge regarding their traders. The proof of identity and proof of residence is a must for the broker, which is regulated by financial authorities. When you are going to register with Avalon-WM, you will be required to provide proof of residence in the form of a valid utility bill which will show that you have a legit address. Proof of identity can be acquired by the national identity card, which is issued by the government. Both of these requirements collectively avoid any type of scammers from registering to this platform.

The data is kept on the servers of Avalon-WM, which means your data is also exposed to the traders, which can be used against you. But the platform has kept the privacy measures in place. Avalon-WM is equipped with SSL technology which is basically encryption technology. It is used to encrypt your data so that in case a hacker hacks into the platform, the data of traders is encrypted with codes that make it difficult for the hackers to access.

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  • Hot And Cold Wallet Storages

Many traders don’t know that they are keeping their money in an online wallet, also known as Hot wallet. This type of wallet is connected to the internet, which means that it can be accessed by hackers. Hot wallets are conventional for the trader as it allows instant transactions without any hassle of extra hardware. For example, a trader has deposited his money in a Hot wallet. It means that he will only require a login id and password to access his money from wherever he is without having any extra hardware or storage device. But this conventional way is not as secure because the login id and password can be easily hacked by professional hackers, and they can access all of your money kept in Hot wallets. And they won’t even require to be in physical contact with you, all they have to do is show their hacking skills, and they will take over your whole wallet.

Due to this flaw of Hot wallet, developers have made a new type of storage option, which is basically an offline storage device. You must be wondering what a Cold wallet is? It is basically an offline device, just like a physical hard drive that stores all of your digital money. This device is not connected to the internet, so the point that we have discussed before related to the hackers getting access to your account becomes ineligible to this type of wallet. Hence it has proven out to be the most secure way of storing your investments. But the downside of this option is that it is not as convenient as a Hot wallet. Traders can’t access their wallets directly. Instead, the brokerage firm keeps all of the trader’s data in cold storage devices to keep them secure.

Avalon-WM is offering you both types of wallet options. This means the investment which you use on a daily basis is stored on Hot wallets to give you easy access to some of your amount. The rest of the investment, which you don’t use often, is stored in Cold wallets to keep them secured. This way, traders can experience convenient trading with the Hot wallet service as well as ultimate security with Cold wallet devices.

  • Versatile Trading Platform

A trader is going to experience the trading platform almost every day. No matter what he wants to do, whether he wants to open his new account or trade on the already existing one. Everything is done through a trading platform. So what is a trading platform? It is basically the interface that is provided by the broker to allow traders to trade. All of the services and tools are present on this platform from where traders can do whatever they want in online trading. So it is obvious that a trader is going to use a trading platform every day. So it is very important to have a user-friendly and reliable trading platform.

Some traders prefer making trades on their personal computers or laptops. In order to accommodate such traders, Avalon-WM has provided windows software. This software is optimized to give traders the ultimate ease of trading. A trader just has to download the software, and he can then start trading through any of his preferred devices.

Other types of traders who want a more versatile trading platform are entertained by Avalon-WM as well. The firm is providing mobile applications for both IOS and Android users, which are optimized to work best with your mobile phones. This option gives you a more easy way to carry the platform, which means no matter if you are traveling or don’t have your PC or laptop with you, then you don’t have to worry about it. Avalon-WM has an optimized mobile phone application that will allow traders to trade from wherever they are through mobile phones. And if you want a totally versatile platform that you can use either on your mobile phone or laptop, then Avalon-WM is also offering a web-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere.

The platforms of Avalon-WM are so well optimized that it welcomes new and experienced traders as well. The firm has a separate educational program that helps new traders who are not much aware of online trading to get used to the platform and market. This feature is advised to be signed up if you are not aware of trading and want to learn basics as well as advanced trading techniques. The platform of Avalon-WM is also full of tools and analytics, which are important for a trader, and these latest tools and charts are going to help traders trade more effectively.

  • Multiple Account Options 

No trader should be forced to choose an account option just because that might be the only option, but instead, they should always be provided with many to choose from. This is crucial because you see a lot of brokers do not understand that just like every broker is different, so are traders. In fact, traders differ more, as everyone has different goals, the margin for risks, and the amount for investment. Therefore a broker should create account options that would allow users to choose freely. To choose an account that would accommodate them and help them achieve their designated goals.

Avalon-WM is not a platform like others. From the beginning, it has shown features that are very distinct and unique. These unique features have made the platform really successful, and it once again takes customer’s needs into consideration. On this platform, you will come across four different account options when you choose to sign up. All four of these accounts are very different from each other. They all have different services to offer and are designed in a way that they would be of service to different types or levels of traders.

The first account that Avalon-WM offers is the Nano Trader account. To unlock this account user has to deposit at least $1,000 USD. It also has many features, such as access to a senior account manager. Per session, you can have ten trades, leverage of 1:10, weekly live seminar, and many others. Users of this account can only trade cryptocurrencies.

Moving on, the second account is the Mega Trader account, and for this, you have to deposit at least $2500 USD. This also offers a senior account manager and other features like the previous one. But traders of this account can trade cryptocurrencies and stocks. Leverage is increased to 1:30, and users have two live seminars. The third account is the Pro trader one, and this requires a deposit of $5,000 USD. With this account, users get leverage of 1:50 and access to advanced seminars. Users can also access any market for trading as there are no limits. The account also allows access to a trial of accounts being managed.

The last account is the Ultra trader, and this is for professional or expert traders as they can make good use of the features accessible to them. First of all, they have to submit a deposit of $10,000 USD. They get to enjoy many benefits, such as having a month of their account being managed fully. They also get to enjoy the increased leverage, which is set at 1:100, and they get a personal advisor as well.


If you are a trader that is enthusiastic about your trading career, then you should choose Avalon-WM. You will get to enjoy some of the top market features and make your trading experience better too.