Axia offers hundreds of assets to trade


Axia logoIt takes time and effort to find a good broker to trade with. This is especially true if you are looking for an experienced broker, one that enables you to trade various types of assets such as equity, bonds, forex pairs, and others. Often, you will have to deal with many different brands at the same time, in order to be able to cover all those assets. However, some brokers such as Axia have been paying attention to customers’ needs and provide a wide array of trading instruments, available on a single platform. Below we will provide a description of the trading services that this modern company offers and try to determine whether or not Axia is worth your time.

About Axia

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Axia is among the top brokers in the region

Axia is a trading services provider that was established in recent years by enthusiasts and professionals in the finance industry. It is fully registered and has a license to offer financial services to its clients from various places around the world, including Arab countries. It fully complies with the present rules and regulations and aims to provide the best and most secure customer experience. This means that it implements various measures and goes above and beyond what is required by law to protect clients’ funds and privacy.

Instruments that Axia offers for trading

Axia offers over 400 instruments for clients to trade through its comprehensive CFD offering. All instruments listed below are provided through CFDs.

  • Forex pairs: Forex pairs are great instruments if you can handle day trading. Their volatility means opportunities arise almost every day. Axia offers major and minor currency pairs in addition to exotics. EURUSD, USDJPY, USDNOK and AUDNZD are just a few examples of those currency pairs.
  • Stocks (or company shares). Shares are suitable if you have an understanding of the companies you want to invest in and how they operate. Axia offers a wide range of stocks to trade, including stocks from Arab markets, US markets, and others.
  • Indices are good if you prefer a more passive trading style. By buying an index you save time and costs, as you do not need to invest in all the stocks it consists of individually. This, however, may lead to more moderate returns than individual stocks.
  • Commodities and precious metals. Commodities and precious metals are important goods in the global economy. Investing in them can help you diversify risk in your portfolio. Axia offers several commodities to trade on, such as soybeans, crude oil, gold, and others.

Platform and trading conditions

Axia offers an advanced platform to help you analyze the markets, trade them, and do nearly everything that is related to your trading in one place. The platform is suitable for all traders with different levels of experience, and it is accessible from Android and Apple phones, tablets, and computers anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

Trading conditions are highly favorable, as the spreads are relatively low, and the execution is fast. There are also many types of accounts to choose from, in addition to the demo and Islamic accounts.


Given the features and the infrastructure that Axia provides, trading with them can be a highly enjoyable experience. It is a legal company with a reputable customer support department and thus we give it a good rating.