Banca Generali Partners With Conio To Launch Crypto Services On Its Platform

Adoption of digital assets is not new to any investor, except the investor is averse to digital assets despite the potential it holds. With crypto gradually making a mark on the main stage, numerous financial institutions, investments, business and services are looking for ways to infuse digital assets into their services.

While some of them are using them to facilitate payments, others are hoping that investors can take advantage of the opportunity to invest in their respective platforms. Making a case for this, an Italian bank has recently announced that it will begin to offer crypto services.

Banca Generali made a $14 million investment in Conio

This recent announcement is coming off the back of a $14 million investment that was made by the firm into Conio, a budding Bitcoin wallet. In the announcement, the bank in question, Banca Generali said that it would be able to provide digital assets services to its clients using the feature that will be provided by Conio.

Furthermore, the private bank which focuses solely on wealth management has said that the new digital assets services will begin next year. The firm said to make sure that its stake in the Bitcoin wallet company is strong, it made a $14 million investment on the platform as agreed in the contract. With this new partnership, Banca Generali will be hoping to expand the services it offers, while simultaneously reaching a vast number of people that have no idea about digital assets.

The bank said that it hopes to teach people who do not know about crypto the basic things that they should know if they are interested. Also, the bank mentioned that digital assets had witnessed a massive growth since the beginning of this year which has made most of the Italian population clamour for wallets. In conclusion, the bank says it will not work alone in offering the services as Conio too will play an important role which is helping users store their digital assets safely.

Banca Generali wants to reach crypto traders across Italy

Commenting on the partnership, the CEO and general manager of Bank Generali, Gian Maria Mossa said that the bank is aware that the financial system is changing due to the rapid rise of blockchain technology, judging by the rise digital assets across the system. He also notes that the collaboration proves that the firm has the best interest of their clients at heart by providing them crypto services and also partnering with a firm that has a vast knowledge in the field.

After rounding off a review of its partnership with Conio, Mossa lauded other European countries that have started looking into the creation of their central bank digital currency. Mossa also lauded the Swiss banking system for the way that they have used the blockchain technology to their advantage. Conio, on its part, will use this opportunity to provide help to several financial systems across the country when it comes to digital assets payments facilitation. However, Conio will make sure that it makes the most out of its partnership with Banca Generali as it hopes to put itself on the national map.