Beast Masters (MASTER) and ALYATTES (ALYA) Become Extremely Bullish for Investors

While the investors keep hoping to see high gains demonstrated by major cryptocurrencies such as BNB, LUNA, and others, new cryptocurrencies are generating high profits. At present, the cryptocurrencies demonstrating really high gains are Beast Masters (MASTER) and ALYATTES (ALYA).

Both cryptocurrencies have recorded rallies over 300% each, and their prices have elevated tremendously in the past 24-hours. Let us look at the technical analysis of Beast Masters and ALYATTES and see where they may land in near future.

Beast Masters

The analysis report for Beast Masters suggests its price was at a low of $0.0001074 per MASTER on March 24. This is when the bulls hit it against the bears and they had the entire floor to themselves in a matter of 24-hours.

In the past 24-hours, the bulls have formed a really powerful (358.40%) rally. This is a strong push from the bulls’ end and it has worked heavily in favor of the bulls for the long run. At the time of writing, the trading value of the MASTER/USDT pair is $0.0005060 per MASTER.

When it comes to the trading volume of Beast Masters, the investors have knocked it completely out of the park by pushing it up by 197364.32%. This is a huge achievement that the bulls and the bullish investors have shown with strong buying determination.

In the upcoming days, if the bulls keep demonstrating stronger acquisition power, the bears may continue abandoning higher resistance marks. In this particular situation, the price of Beast Masters may rise up to $0.0009593 per MASTER.

As the power of acquiring Beast Masters increases from the bulls’ end, the price of Beast Masters may rise up to $0.001389 per MASTER.

Going forward, if the bulls keep their spirits high, they may succeed in bringing more neutral investors to their side. Such sentiments and determination may aid the bulls in hitting a major price of $0.001700 per MASTER.


ALYATTES has also experienced a 325.03% surge in the past 24-hours. Due to the surge, the price of ALYATTES has elevated from a low of $0.1203 per ALYA all the way up to a high of $0.5114 per ALYA.

Although ALYATTES hasn’t observed a trend as high as MASTER it is still growing at a fast rate. ALYATTES’ investors have also helped push the trading volume for ALYATTES higher by 92.77%.

If the bulls keep showing the same buying potential, then the price of ALYATTES may grow up to $0.9269 per ALYA. As the investors’ buying momentum keeps growing, then the price of ALYATTES may elevate to $1.30 per ALYA.

If the bulls keep breaking through the defenses set by the bears, then the price of ALYATTES may surge to $1.56 per ALYA.