Best Bitcoin Wallets 2021 – Top 10 BTC Wallets

Best Bitcoin Wallets 2021

In this day and age of advanced network marketing systems, a significant number of people in the cryptocurrency trading business use a number of secure and reliable Bitcoin wallet options to store their digital assets. Before we start talking about Bitcoin wallets, it is essential to learn that Bitcoin does not exist in any physical form. In order to store and secure such kinds of virtual coin wallets are being used for long. The maximum number of Bitcoin wallets is compatible with the blockchain network and provides essential information required to receive and send money during a transaction. Humans use wallets to keep hard money, and similar to that, these Bitcoin wallets are used to store Bitcoin from a business point of view. Some BTC applications target the ease of accessibility while others look for a better and safe version to facilitate traders. Some crypto traders prefer a secure wallet to play a long-term trading game.

On the contrary, the majority of the enthusiasts do not like to take a further risk and enjoy a convenient and accessible version of the BTC wallet. Different wallets offer a variety of different features, so while choosing a single among all is always a tough choice to make. Why we need wallets? Except for these BTC wallets, there is no other option to store Bitcoin.

How do Bitcoin Wallets work?

BTC tokens are used for transfer purposes, and no one can get access to the wallet except its owner. Although wallet ID is not hidden, the key to every wallet is always kept confidential and continuous monitoring is done to keep a record of every wallet being used. Despite the strict rules, transferring BTC tokens from your wallet is not that difficult, and all you need is the public ID of the other person you want to give your token to. It is not necessary for a person to own a complete Bitcoin, and he can access both common public ID and personal key anytime for receiving and sending purposes. One Bitcoin is worth thousands of dollars. Remember, Bitcoin is not stored on wallets, but it’s the keys we use.

Types of Bitcoin Wallets

A large variety of wallets is available in the market where anyone can choose any type of it as per their requirement. Remember one thing try to learn more about different kinds of wallets and the features they contain. Different mindsets select different types for storing digital assets. There are two basic BTC wallet types, including “hot wallet“and“cold wallet.”

Hot Wallets

You can access these wallets using an internet connection, so they are called hot wallets. Hot wallets are easy to access, and one can use them anytime via the internet. Hot wallets lack security features and are considered to be more vulnerable than cold wallets.

Cold Wallets

It refers to wallets with no internet connection. It is difficult for a person to check his wallet instantly. However, cold wallets are more secure than hot wallets. Cold wallets without an internet connection do not allow cybercriminals and hackers to steal your asset. Such wallets are good for the horses of the long race who want to keep their tokens for years in wallets. People store Bitcoin for a longer period of time to gain maximum profit because they are in no rush to withdraw money immediately.

One of the most expensive forms of wallets is hardware wallets, which exist in the form of different devices with a purely secure system. They have a USB slot, and they can be connected to a PC or any other device at any time. Hot wallets are usually apps installed on mobile phones or PCs and accessed through the internet. Mobile and PC apps are specific according to the device. Hot wallets provide some security to users’ coins and demand QR codes for access. It is advised to use an encrypted mobile wallet to keep the amount secure.

Hot Wallets Vs. Cold Wallets

  • Cold wallets are more secure
  • People use cold wallets for long term investments in trading
  • Cold wallets are protected against hackers
  • Hot wallets are easy to access
  • Hot wallets are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks than cold wallets
  • Hot wallets are more user-friendly

On what basis you should choose a Bitcoin wallet:

  • Do not compromise on the security of the wallet
  • Make sure your wallet is easily accessible
  • Choose a user-friendly and compatible wallet

One can make a choice if he has some knowledge about the Bitcoin storage process via wallet. Skills to operate hardware devices are also required for this purpose. Try to choose a wallet that is secure and provides easy access. Security should be the first priority of a trader or investor. Compatibility and friendliness come afterward.

Different wallets are operating in the crypto market and facilitate traders, brokers, and crypto depending people in every possible way. The list below states some of the best paid and free software applications working daily. Some of them are hot, and some are cold wallets. Every wallet performs the ultimate function of securing money and adding more value to it, but they work in different ways.

  • Coinbase
  • PointPay Banking wallet
  • BitMEX
  • Binance Chain
  • Trezor
  • Ledger Nano
  • Bitfinex
  • Paxful Wallet
  • eToro
  • Bitcoin IRA


Just like most of the BTC wallets, Coinbase is a common wallet that works to purchase, sell, and transfer funds from one account to any other account using the public ID. It is a cold wallet with no internet connection; usually, it means Coinbase can protect and store currencies for a long time span as it works in offline mode. It is working in almost 100 different parts of the world. Coinbase platform has the following qualities:

  • Buying, selling, and transferring is easy with a tracking facility in hand.
  • IOS and Android apps are available.
  • Main purpose of this wallet is to ensure the security of your assets.
  • Trade can be controlled with this kind of wallet, and you can plan the trading module deliberately.
  • It is ranked among the most popular BTC wallets.
  • Coinbase is easy to use, and even new users find no difficulty.
  • It deals in a variety of currencies, including Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin.
  • No minimum range of deposit at the beginning.

PointPay Banking Wallet

In the field of cryptocurrency, PointPay is the first kind of its own. It is a banking wallet and gives access to investors where they can trade in almost ten different kinds of cryptocurrency. Investors can earn a profit on a regular basis, and the margin of profits goes up to 30% annually. PointPay banking wallets use PointPay tokens for trading.

  • Best opportunity to earn daily rewards on every deposit via PointPay.
  • Users can earn interest over the fixed amount deposited.
  • With an exception, PointPay banking wallet allows you to get a loan as well.
  • Controlling crypto is much easier where you can handle it with an active app on your mobile phone.
  • This banking wallet is connected with your bank account, where you can buy and sell BTC easily using credit and debit cards.
  • Just download the application on your mobile phone or computer and start earning with PointPay banking wallet.


It is a worldwide trusted Bitcoin wallet with the best security assurance. BitMEX uses web access and creates confusion about whether it is a hot or a cold wallet? BitMEX is a cold wallet. It uses a multi-sig operating system to store cryptocurrencies. BitMEX is the best wallet of the present time, with a 100% rating worldwide. All you need is to make an account with BitMEX, and you can start earning with a minimum deposit of $1 initially. To make sure the security of the funds, BitMEX gives its users a personal address to exchange BTC, where storing currency for some time is another option. BitMEX ensures security by providing a multi-signature.

  • Funds are safe with the 2FA checking system.
  • It is a web-based wallet with no existing software and hardware gadgets.
  • IOS, android, and web access options are available.
  • BitMEX only deals in Bitcoin that makes it a more sophisticated and secure trading platform with a limited number of currencies.
  • Multi-sig personal address options are the keys to the security of this storing wallet.

Binance Chain

Binance is one of the most active wallet platforms of this age, with remarkable security and efficient trading options under one roof. Millions of people trade online with the help of this wallet. Binance also has an extension to assist crypto trading in digital marketing. In this trading system, one can trade in over 150 different digital currencies, including BTC, Ethereum, and many others. Sending, receiving, and transferring funds is easy with the Binance chain browsing extension. Binance got its smart chain system last year with its 3 million users. In 2019 numbers have increased remarkably.

  • Binance is an online trading option.
  • Users can access this platform anytime.
  • Safety parameters are top-notch on this trading wallet.
  • It works on IOS, android, and with web-based systems as well.
  • A number of helping tools are available to assist traders for a better experience of Binance.
  • Binance witnesses nearly a 1.5million transaction every second and trade of more than one billion as well.
  • Deals in more than 150 kinds of cryptocurrencies.


Hardware wallets are the safest ones and give a feeling of satisfaction more than other wallets. Every hardware wallet is USB compatible, and after plugging it with a computer or any other device, you can enjoy the offerings of these wallets. Trezor is a secure platform for trading with the option of setting a password of your choice. In this particular way, Trezor wallet ensures the safety of assets. Trezor has millions of users on this particular trading place with a common belief in mind that cold wallets are more reliable than paper code wallets and hot wallets. Trezor can be used for buying and selling cryptocurrency on mobile phones and laptops.

  • It is an offline storing wallet and a highly secured one as well.
  • Trading is possible in 1000 plus different cryptocurrencies.
  • Trezor has qualities like user-friendliness, ease of use, and reliability.
  • Due to its simple use, both pro enthusiasts and beginners can use it conveniently.
  • It is supported by Windows and Linux.

Ledger Nano

Ledger Nano is another type of hardware wallet. It comes in the form of a hardware device with a LED. Ledger Nano is a highly secured wallet with a USB slot to connect it with other devices. With a display system in the Ledger wallet, a pin code is required to confirm the security of trading. A wallet should be secure, reliable, easy to use, and easy to access, and Ledger Nano provides all of these facilities to its users. Multiple currencies are used for trading on this platform, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Ledger is one of the world’s most famous hardware wallets.

  • One can connect Ledger device with computer and laptop through a USB slot
  • Ledger is a hardware tool with an option of hundreds of application on it
  • Features like 2-factor authenticity are available on it.
  • You can control the flow of transfers in a secure environment.
  • Ledger is supported by Linux and windows. Access with the mobile phones and mac is possible too.


Bitfinex is a trading option compatible with mobile devices and androids. Bitfinex is equally popular as all other wallets with a modern visual system. With this, one can trade in Ethereum, Litecoin, and other digital assets. It is also the world’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchange. Without any outstanding flaws, Bitfinex is the world’s most liquid online trading market, and it is a high-end trading option for investors. Bitfinex is easy to use like other crypto wallets, and the security of funds is compulsory. Bitfinex is famous for its easy professional exchange of funds.

  • A lot of helping material is available to make trading convenient.
  • It is possible to measure the trading index and make a report.
  • Buying and selling are easy on this type of platform.
  • Access via mobile devices, androids, and IOS is possible.
  • Integration of products is possible through this wallet.

Paxful Wallet

Paxful is a famous trading wallet with more than 300 payment options. Buying and selling coins via Paxful is easy as it offers a peer-to-peer marketplace. Making a profit on such a wallet is easy for people who have been using it for since long and beginners can learn to use it quickly. Paxful wallet offers high-interest earning opportunities with a safe investment plan. Payment methods are very easy in Paxful wallet as it is interlinked with the user bank account.

  • Withdrawal can be made using a bank account in Paxful wallet.
  • One can send funds to bank and PayPal accounts.
  • Trading is possible in hundreds of different BTC currencies.
  • Safe trading
  • Bank transfers can help in sending and selling coins.
  • Paxful wallet is easy to use, and there is a possibility to earn high interest.


eToro wallet deals in different trading types where a person is asked to sign in with eToro to use this trading wallet. After signing up, you have to connect your bank account with the eToro account. After this linking, funds are transferred into the eToro account. After completing all these steps, your eToro wallet account is ready to make a profit for you. eToro is a trading platform and deals in Bitcoin. It offers social trading, forex trading, and exchange-traded funds. This is an easy and reliable wallet for storing Bitcoin. eToro trades in stocks and forex as well, which makes it different from all other wallets discussed earlier.

  • You can develop a trading portfolio with eToro.
  • Variety of assets can be traded with the help of eToro.
  • eToro can work with iOS and Android.
  • eToro gives its users an opportunity to invest in stocks of high quality.
  • It helps us linked with banks, so the movement of money is safe and fluent.

Bitcoin IRA

Investments are pretty easy on this platform. Bitcoin IRA allows its users to sell and buy currencies with almost zero effort. Apart from being secured, Bitcoin IRA is a tax-free platform where you can earn a lot of profit, and there is no condition of paying extra taxes. Through this wallet, one can deal in multiple currencies.

  • You can invest in different kinds of currencies, including BTC and Ethereum.
  • It is possible to keep an account of live prices.
  • It helps a user in building a portfolio according to his performance.
  • Secure trading is the best feature of this wallet.
  • Storing assets online is possible with Bitcoin IRA.
  • No additional tax payment is required.


After all the discussion, it is clear that wallets are the coin storing stations where anyone can store assets for trading purposes. Some wallets are cold wallets, and those are available in hardware forms. However, hot wallets are applications that exist in software form with ease of use. Different companies offer a number of online wallets for storing currency, and all of them have billions of active users at the present time. Every trading company tries to make sure that the wallet is highly secured. They try to eliminate every possibility of cyber-attack and hacking. Every wallet is good for investing money, but what makes it best is the quality of security and ease of using it. Some wallets deal in multiple types of currencies, while others are sophisticated and offer limited options. Different BTC wallets have different features, but no one is ready to compromise on the security of their platform in order to maintain their credibility.