Best Crypto Credit and Debit Cards to Use in 2021

There was a time when cryptocurrency was regarded as a passing trend, but it has now become mainstream. Institutional investors are already betting big on these digital currencies and the first Bitcoin ETF has also been launched. The popularity of cryptocurrency, along with its capacity to bring change in the world of traditional finance has just been realized. Another innovation that has happened in the space is the use of crypto credit and debit cards that make it easy for people to spend crypto and even get spending rewards in the form of crypto. Some of the best crypto credit and debit cards that you can use in 2021 are:

Nexo (Best for No Fees)

The Nexo card has been dubbed as the only one that allows you to spend the value of your cryptocurrencies without needing to sell them. The best part is that eliminates the common credit card fee you would pay otherwise, which means there is no annual fee, no monthly fee or any FX fees, for that matter. The card is accepted by more than 40 global merchants and all you have to do is swipe your card and see the payment deducted from the balance available.

Every time you use your Nexo card for making a purchase, you can get a cashback of 2%. It is up to you to decide if you want the rewards in BTC or in NEXO tokens, or you can also switch between these two before you make a transaction. The cashback will be deposited automatically in your Nexo account. You can also access crypto credit lines with the Nexo wallet app, along with an interest account that gives a high yield. All your transactions and funds are protected through 24/7 monitoring mechanisms and military-grade 256-bit encryption.

BlockFi Credit Card (Best for Bitcoin Rewards)

The BlockFi credit card was long-awaited and it comes with a downright wicket sign-up bonus. People can get 3.5% back in the first three months in the form of Bitcoin to a limit of $100. After that, people will be able to get rewards of 1.5% in Bitcoin Unlimited and 2% back if they end up spending more than $50,000 annually. Other than the 1.5% unlimited in BTC on every purchase, you can also get a bonus of Bitcoin rewards worth $750. These rewards will be transferred to your BlockFi interest account and will earn interest monthly.

Cardholders who have stablecoin assets, such as USDC, PAX, or GUSD in their BlockFi interest account can also get an additional 2% APY on top of the existing stablecoin APY. Plus, referring a friend will also enable you to get $30 in Bitcoin. You can use your BlockFi credit card both in-person and online and wherever Visa is accepted.

Crypterium Card Visa (Best for Virtual Card)

If you are looking for plastic as well as a virtual card, you can get the best of both worlds with Crypterium. The prepaid payment card connects seamlessly to the Crypterium wallet, which enables you to spend your cryptocurrencies at your convenience. This payment solution can be used for both online and offline purchases and can also come in handy when you wish to withdraw fiat currency through ATMs. It is easier than ever to turn your digital assets into cash, as it allows you to withdraw around $2,976 per month from any ATM compatible with VISA. There is a monthly maintenance fee of $3.56 and you can write it off if you load the card with $356 per month.

Revolut (Best for Money Management)

You can get more than just a crypto credit card when you go for Revolut because it also offers spending analytics that can help you in managing your money in a better way. You can get instant spending alerts, set budgets, and also get weekly insights for tracking your spending. You can exchange money without any hidden costs and daily rewards and discounts are provided that can be used on travel, retail, restaurants, and more. You don’t have to deal with any minimum amount requirements and it is possible to deposit and withdraw money at your convenience without a locking period.