Bill Gates interested in Crypto Currency Quant (QNT)…?

Bill Gates interested in Crypto Currency Quant

That means, that well-known computer system Windows goes into oblivion and change all computer world and especially Quant project’s life itself! – “How many times can you upgrade something?

We are looking for revolutionary change, Quant is really an interesting solution”- unofficially was heard Bill Gates drinking his morning coffee in one of famed American cafes. Quant (QNT) banner says: “Connecting the world’s networks to blockchain with just 3 lines of code”.

Overledger is the world’s first blockchain operating system (OS) that not only connects blockchains to one another but also connects existing networks to blockchain and facilitates the creation of internet scale multi-chain applications otherwise known as MApps.

After Bill Gates-funded design challenge, which provides clean water and generates power, the King of the computer world is looking for more technologically- advanced but along with the simplest – solutions, which are becoming the new beginning of scientists world.