Billionaire Mark Cuban Advises Traders To Buy Ethereum Instead Of Bitcoin

Popular American Basketball team owner and billionaire Mark Cuban has highlighted that it is better to invest in Ethereum rather than Bitcoin.

During the interview conducted on the Unchained Podcast, Mark gave importance to the fact that Ethereum’s superior smart contracts features and other capabilities make it a much better choice than the supposedly lackluster Bitcoin. Mark stated that Bitcoin and Ethereum are both no doubt heavyweight champions in the crypto market, but if we look in towards the case of Bitcoin, it provides very few features, which might end up hurting the crypto in the future as traders and investors will look for more innovative trade opportunities.

Bitcoin, the New Gold?

Mark said that Bitcoin is very difficult to deal with, in accordance with lack of features. It has become the new Gold, but digital in form, used mainly as collateral and asset storage nowadays, with nothing unique to offer traders.

On the other hand, Ethereum’s smart contracts feature and other utilities are killers in terms of utility, providing a much higher level of trade opportunities and also making trading much easier than Bitcoin, requiring a lot less grind.

Ethereum and NFTs

Most of the NFT’s we see are powered using Ethereum, giving way for Ethereum to race towards the throne to become the next crypto king. The creation of new NFTs is happening every day, which means that the adoption of Ethereum is getting a lot higher than Bitcoin. Many famous celebrities, organizations, and institutions have started to build their own customized NFTs for their fans to engage with and trade.

NFTs also give way for a new user base to emerge, giving value to the crypto-market overall. Mark Cuban emphasized that Ethereum smart contracts definitely make NFT development much easier and hassle-free, giving way to more trading activities around the globe.

Most of the reasoning that Mark stated has indeed proven to be true. In fact, many crypto analysts and journalists have predicted that cryptos such as Ethereum, Cardano, and Binance Smart Chain will be fighting for the top spot in the future unless Bitcoin comes out with a much more unique and convincing feature set to impress traders once again.