Binance US Is Now Supporting XRP Flare Networks’ Spark Airdrop

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Binance, the world’s leading digital currency exchange by trading volume’s subsidiary exchange in the United States Binance US is now also supporting Spark Token Airdrop and the snapshot of Flare Networks, a smart contracts platform. Binance US has become the newest cryptocurrency exchange to support this token airdrop. Now there are more than forty cryptocurrency exchanges that are supporting Flare Networks’ Spark Airdrop. Coinbase is still not included in this list.

Spark Token Airdrop is now supported by Binance US

As announced officially by the Binance US exchange on the 3rd of December, the crypto exchange said that it has launched support for Spark Airdrop providing its holders of XRP an opportunity to claim free Spark tokens. Only those users will be able to take part in Spark distribution whose balances of XRP exceed 10 coins present on the platform of Binance US at the time of the Snapshot which will be taken of all XRP Ledger addresses on the 12th of December.

Binance US will suspend deposits and withdrawals of the third-ranked digital currency XRP on December 11, at 5 PM EST / 1 PM PST. However, the exchange claimed that the trading process of XRP will remain unaffected. This announcement of Binance US has come shortly after the leading digital currency exchange Binance announced support for Flare and its Spark Airdrop.

An Exciting Startup

The Spark Token Airdrop and Snapshot of Flare Networks have gained enough traction in the cryptocurrency community especially the holders of XRP who are anxiously waiting for this token airdrop to happen so that they could claim free Spark tokens. The San Francisco-based blockchain payments giant Ripple’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Brad Garlinghouse has also called Flare Networks an “exciting startup.

He talked about Flare Networks in a recent interview with CNN and said, “seeing a company like Flare Networks and seeing them use the XRP network in various ways, I think, is an opportunity that could go forward but it doesn’t affect RippleNet customers.”

Moreover, some experts in the cryptocurrency community believe that this token airdrop is the major driving factor behind the last month’s impressive price growth of the third-largest cryptocurrency XRP which saw the coin hitting as high as $0.76.

Over 40 cryptocurrency exchanges have announced support for Spark Airdrop

Reportedly, there are now more than forty digital currency exchanges that have announced support for the Spark distribution. In this list, the major cryptocurrency exchanges Binance, Bitstamp, and Bithumb are also included.

However, the San Francisco-based digital currency exchange Coinbase is not included in this list. Now only a few days are left in the day of the Snapshot and the major cryptocurrency exchange has yet to make a decision regarding this. It seems that Coinbase does not plan to participate in the Spark distribution.