“Bitcoin – An Antidote to Tyranny” Says HRF’s Alex Gladstein

Alex Gladstein’s remarks regarding the legendary coin, Bitcoin, has sent a new Bullish signal. As per Gladstein’s understanding Bitcoin is an “antidote to tyranny”. He adds that when someone is buying Bitcoin, he knows that there is something beyond expectation which is more than Bitcoin’s value as well.

Alex Gladstein, Human Rights Foundation’s (HRF) CSO, has recently praised Bitcoin in high esteem. The human rights’ activist stated that when humanity is up against tyranny, it looks for a secret hatch to seek shelter and survive. That secret hatch is Bitcoin and he has no doubt that Bitcoin is an antidote to tyranny, stated Gladstein.

Gladstein gave his remarks regarding Bitcoin which were contained in a video message. Through video messages, Gladstein intended to give a shut-up call to those who were criticizing bitcoin and under-estimating the legendary coin. One such critic was Paul Krugman who was actively criticizing Bitcoin by stating that Bitcoin has shattered the financial system. Krugman also said that Bitcoin severed the spirit of democracy while constitutionally guaranteed safeguards have been torn apart and smeared.

Teasing Krugman, Gladstein commented that since he is a non-believer of digitalization therefore he isn’t required to be part of innovation. His comfort zone is USD, which is stable and dominant, therefore he should open a bank account of his choice, remarked Gladstein.

The teasing fray continued from Gladstein who further said that Krugman can settle utility bills over the phone and grow wealth through the real estate sector. But yet such privileges are not available to 4.2 billion people who are living under immense fears of tyranny, stated Glasdstein.

In Gladstein’s opinion business is not vague if the deprived class is using any platforms outside the purview of state-operated machinery. Particularly, saving a few dimes for them for making ends meet and provide safety and shelter to their families, opined Gladstein. He added that this way they keep their integrities while preserving their liberties.

Meanwhile, Gladstein also pointed out various regimes where state-controlled financial systems have been misused as a tool to silence oppressed class. This is not only against oppressed class who are forced to live under tyrant regimes but also infringes basic human rights. He also mentioned the names of several countries such as China, Myanmar, Nigeria, Belarus, and Russia.

He asserts that those investing in Bitcoin are indirectly helping human causes. Their investment will ultimately turn into a tool and that tool will safeguard the rights of humanity.

Gladstein suggested that Bitcoin is equipped with the ability to provide its user a room for storing value. In addition, that room is protected through cryptography which makes it secured against those with ill-intents. For Bitcoin owners, owning Bitcoin is more than their investment and imagination i.e. cash plus gold in one place.