Successfully Launches SENT Tokens at Its Crypto Trading Platform is one of the fastest and rapidly growing and emerging crypto trade and exchange platforms in the world. Since its inception, the firm has been involved in incorporating and introducing new features and trade products for its customers. Apart from providing new features, the firm continuously integrates additional crypto solely on the demands of its customers. The firm has millions of customers spreading over the entire world.

Recently, the firm has introduced a new token called the SENT which is a governance token launched by Trade The Chain. Trade The Chain is a worldwide community housing crypto traders, investors, and crypto supporters. SENT was established for the purpose of allowing its users to arrive at thoughtful decisions of crypto trading. The developers who developed SENT were primary those who were associated with the brokerage houses and assets management industry.

It was announced by Exchange that SENT will be available for trade from today i.e. June 23, 2021. It will be available to trade with the stable coin namely USDT at Exchange.

Since SENT is a new governance token, it focuses on crypto community prioritization. In addition, it has achieved a great deal in the fair and transparent distribution of SENT within the network.

On the occasion, Chief Executive of Exchange, Mr. Danish Chaudhry, shared a few thoughts. He said that SENT is an exceptional inclusion in the tokenized form of crypto. It needs to be appreciated that since its start, SENT has been successfully focusing on the community in the first place. The rest of the things for SENT are all secondary. Chaudhry also said that Exchange is the first crypto firm to have integrated SENT. He said that the users of SENT, as well as the customers of the firm, would be able to derive huge benefits from SENT’s inclusion.

Chaudhry also told that the firm is glad to have incorporated SENT and as a gesture of goodwill, the firm has launched a competition. The competition will reward a cash prize of US$ 20,000 in the form of SENT tokens. It was further informed that the competition will last for 10 days and would involve trading by the users.

Trade The Chain’s founder, Alex Mascioli, too had a few things to say about the partnership with the Exchange. He said that both businesses give utmost priority to the community and that is why there would be immeasurable benefits to all. He also said that the competition is a good thing and he would be delighted to meet the winners of the competition.

Mascioli also pointed out that Exchange has been empowering crypto enthusiasts all over the world. It is a name of trust where the crypto traders are trading with confidence and convenience.