Bitcoin Evangelion Strikes Continues to Convert Non-believers into Bitcoiners

Peter Schiff has been known to issue anti-crypto comments in the past. Recently the Morning Coffee News outlet decided to replace its ‘gold’ ticker with Bitcoin. In the aftermath, the crypto communities on Twitter kept tagging Schiff into the comment section and grill him for his earlier remarks. On April 1st Peter took to Twitter and wrote a line that he was wrong about Bitcoin. 

This simple statement has created a comments storm on Twitter and got the crypto enthusiasts debating if the remark is an April fool’s prank or a simple admit to defeat. Regardless of Schiff’s opinion, Gold has continued to take a deep dive into oblivion while Bitcoin has maintained its position as a hedge. Many people have requested Schiff to clear his position on cryptocurrencies, while others believe that the tweet was sent on April 2nd as per the Australian standard time zone. 

The Bitcoin market is a world that is nothing less imaginative and interesting than a comic book reverie. One after another, shocking news keeps coming to light. The crypto tabloid Trustnodes has made a bold remark today that long-time Bitcoin critic and pessimist Nouriel Roubini is none other than Satoshi Nakamoto. The timing for this superhero reveal could not be more perfect.

Bitcoin has gained billions of followers around the world, and the biggest financial firms are also endorsing it. The reporters from the tabloid asked Roubini about his stern scrutiny of Bitcoin for such a long time, to which he remarked that it was all a ruse to keep his disguise intact. He said that he had been planning for a Bitcoin launch for many years behind the scenes and managed to make it a decentralized and publically regulated asset. 

The BTC Superhero Comes to Light and Tells About his Journey

According to the crypto tabloid Trustnodes, long-time Bitcoin critic Nouriel Roubini has finally admitted to being the real Satoshi Nakamoto who has been working with developers like Wei Dai. Roubini told the reporters that he was certain that the current banking system could come to a crash at any time, which prompted him to invent Bitcoin to save the world. 

Roubini also shared the private key for an early block which Satoshi Nakamoto himself mined. Roubini said that he wished to keep a low profile and allowed Bitcoin to go through the process of natural selection. He is an economist and knows his way around monetary dynamics. According to the tabloid, Roubini has handed over his Bitcoin project in the capable hands of coders and miners; meanwhile, he is still sticking to his professional field of studies.