Bitcoin – La La Anthony’s Gold

The charming American artist Alani Nicole, who is widely known by her given name “La La Anthony” finds Bitcoin as Gold.

She is one of those TV personalities who has appeared in several showbiz fields. She performed as a live VJ on the globally famous music channel MTV. Acted in Hollywood movies such as “Think Like A Man” and appeared in several series broadcasted on cable.

But as for now, this amazing artist has found a new love of her life which she explained in her recent statement. She was found stating that to her Bitcoin is the newest gold and she is loving it. She said expressly that it doesn’t matter what billionaires think about her statement.

She told that when she heard about Bitcoin first time in her life, she literally didn’t understand what Bitcoin was. However, she was told that athletes, actors as well as music industry is into Bitcoin and are acquiring Bitcoins. But she said that she wasn’t convinced and a few of her friends and colleagues suggested to her that Bitcoin is a scam. Yet her opinion has changed today entirely, she said.

Anthony told that she now fully understands what Bitcoin is and defined Bitcoin to be the newest form of Gold. She also informed that long ago she became interested in acquiring Bitcoin and for this purpose, she joined Gemini. Once she had joined the crypto trading platform of Gemini, she then bought some Bitcoins for her.

Anthony told further that when she opted to invest in crypto it was the first time she took the risk. Otherwise, she preferred to play with caution like trusting only Apple and Google and nothing else. But she is glad that she took the risk and invested in Bitcoin. Apart from Bitcoin, she also owns Ethereum as well, told Anthony.

She also told that before she bought crypto, she used to look at the cryptocurrencies’ market performance. She learnt that the prices of crypto were quite flexible and continued to go here and there on regular basis. But mostly the flexibility was going up rather than coming down which helped her in the decision, she claimed.

She also took notice of what Tesla’s CEO was commenting about Bitcoin and crypto products. She came to believe that the financial scenario was changing globally and in a good way.

Although it is not confirmed how much Bitcoins were bought by Anthony but when she had purchased Bitcoin’s value was immensely low. It was reported that Anthony paid US$ 15,000 against each Bitcoin at the time of her acquisition. She is now one of those people who thinks that Bitcoin is currently undervalued. She believes that soon Bitcoin would be sold for US$ 150,000.