Bitcoin’s Weekly Round-Up – BTC Adoption, Miners Exit Continues

Briefly –

  • BTC struggles to gather enough momentum to retest the $40K crucial psychological level.
  • Bitcoin adoption continues as NYDIG collaborated with NCR to increase crypto access to a large audience.
  • Crypto miners’ exodus progress

Bitcoin has seen a rough ride over this week. However, the best crypto managed to achieve new highs, indicating a bullish outlook. Though, the coin saw drops at the end of this week. Over the past day, Bitcoin’s price struggled to stabilize.

At the moment, the flagship digital coin show signs of an upswing, targeting a vital psychological level at $40K.

Bitcoin Adoption Progresses

It looks like BTC adoption doesn’t worry about the current downtrend in the crypto market. Indeed, the coin has noticed different events, heating headlines at various times. Likewise, Bitcoin has seen increased adoption recently from Canada, allowing many BTC ETF’s to the partnership between NRC Corporation and NYDIG for lucrative deals to its clients. Keep in mind that NRC has assets under management worth around $6 billion. The Corporation will provide digital instruments as NYDIG act as a custodian to over 24 million clients across 650 banks in the US.

Keep in mind that many institutional investors do not prefer holding digital coins due to their unpredictable nature. That is why market players seek companies like Fidelity and NYDIG for custody services. BTC ETFs aim to solve the issues the facilities meet. That might initiate increased institutional capital inflow.

The Crypto Mining Dilemma

As the crypto market witnesses increased institutional adoption, most miners had to seek alternatives after China’s stiffer regulation on the space. The BTC hash rate suffered most recently after the Chinese crypto ban, losing over 50% since 15 May. Meanwhile, mining revenue declined by around 42%.

However, regardless of these unsatisfying development, BMC (Bitcoin Mining Council) promises attractive outcomes. The council declared its plans to ensure at least 50% of the mining utilizes renewable energy. Tesla Company said it would revive BTC dealings if the coin meets the environmental conditions.

For now, Bitcoin will require the correct catalyst to register a move in any direction. Market professionals predict profitability for long-term investors.

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