Bitera Exchange Goes LIVE TODAY – Offering Trade-Support Minus The Trade-Offs.


Tall claims and new eras don’t go together. Precisely why, we’ll start by stating facts – 90% cold storage, 40% Referral, 0.1% Trading Fees, BTC Base Market, DODGE and LTC listed, Priority Withdrawals. We are not creating anything outside the box; we are fixing things inside the box. Identifying loopholes in the existing market, we have adopted a no-excuse approach to develop an exchange that is made for traders who want to invest their energies only in what they do best – Trading. For everything else, Bitera Exchange offers an amplified trade-support minus all the trade-offs. Armed with uncompromised technical strength, our Beta Launch helps us cross yet another milestone towards a decentralized era.




Forces for the win

The very basis of any exchange is inevitably Bitera’s first priority. The Team deploys technology as well as functionality to ensure the one thing no exchange can compromise on – Security.


Nothing under the Table

Users believe what they see, so Bitera hopes to reveal all the efforts, progress and achievements. Transparency is the key to Bitera’s journey towards decentralization.


Better than Banks

Quick Deposits, hassle free withdrawals and smooth trading aren’t user-demands. They are pre-requisites to a good exchange. Bitera gives you that and more at a minimal 0.1% transaction fee.

Cold storage

Away from the Internet

For the users, it all bowls down to money, and for the exchange, it’s about safety. With 90% of user funds stored in cold storage, away from internet, Bitera meets both the user and the creator’s demands.


A bit Elitist

Trading Pairs are essential to any exchange however Bitera adopts a quality over quantity approach for the same. Limiting the listings to premium coins, our basket welcomes no rotten element.

Affiliate Program

For Heavier Wallets

Prioritizing expansion and user profits, Bitera introduces an Affiliate Program in its business model. Users can earn up to 40% over each of their referral’s trading amount.


The Beta Version launch will help Bitera’s team to scrutinize scope for further development of the Alpha Version. The current plan of action involves the following features:

Token Integration

Bitera’s Crypto-cannon

An offshoot of the exchange, Bitera will launch its very own utility token in order to facilitate the processes of coin listing, transaction fee payment and other services on the exchange.

KYC+AML Registration

Authenticity First

With one eye on security at all times, Bitera will integrate Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes as its first step towards decentralization.

ICO Incubation

Welcoming the Willing

ICO’s are the SME’s of the crypto-world. Bitera envisions honing such potential treasures by providing every service required to make it success.

Peer to Peer Transactions

Direct, Independent, Quick

In order to eliminate the need of banks for any user-transactions, Bitera introduces secure Peer-to-Peer transactions, which functions on the confirmation of the seller’s receipt of payment.

Advanced Trading Tools

Be more, Do more

At Bitera, Growth and Change is where all energies will be channelized. Technology evolution, User Expansion and Advanced trading tools will pave the way on Bitera’s Roadmap.


Drop us a suggestion in the comments below. Every Feedback is an unexplored opportunity for us.