BitMAX Says It is Time to Launch OMI Tokens

A globally acclaimed crypto trading platform, which was apparently established by none other than the veterans of Wall Street themselves, called BitMax, is clear that it needs to launch its OMI Tokens.

BitMax (also widely known as has issued a press release in which it has stated that it is going to launch its tokenized crypto. It was informed by the company through the release that the tokenized crypto has been named as “OMI”. It was apprised by the company that OMI will initially be paired with the world’s most powerful currency i.e. US Dollar. The launch was expected to take place on the morning of 2nd March, 2021.

The company’s aim is to immediately cash the growing market consisting of digital and tokenized forms of assets. For this purpose, the company had already sent viral its mobile app called VeVe. This application claims to provide comprehensive experience with regard to the collection of digitalized assets. Also, the app hosts digital collectibles based on 3D formats backed by some of the leading and widely known brands of the world.

It was told by BitMax that OMI is an exclusive supporter of ECOMI Collect. VeVe app users, who wish to acquire 3D formats or purchase other products, will be required to use OMIs for this purpose.

VeVe app on the other hand has its own following in the digital world. People who are interested in acquiring any collectible goods frequently used this application for the fulfillment of their desired objective. There are tons of thousands of collectible products and goods available at VeVe.

The app also provides intended sellers the facility of having an online showroom, which is virtual. These virtual showrooms are used by the sellers for displaying and showcasing their digitalized collectibles. Meanwhile, the buyers access these showrooms for seeking out the goods of their choice. Some of the famous branded goods that have been made available at VeVe belonged to DLC’s and Marvel’s famous superhero characters.

Other prominent brands include MLB, Future, NFL, Ghostbusters etc.

The company is curious about the launching of its OMI tokens and says that the initiative will reshape its ecosystem.