BitPay and UATP Form Partnership to Integrate Crypto Payments

The popularity of cryptocurrency has exploded in the last few years, especially in the last few months. Countries like El Salvador have started to integrate Bitcoin as a legal tender. On the other hand, various businesses are either using blockchain as their foundation, or they are making room for cryptocurrencies. Either way, businesses are becoming much more welcoming of cryptocurrencies. And one of the newest companies to integrate crypto is UATP.

UATP has recently announced that they will be partnering with BitPay, the world’s largest Bitcoin provider. Their partnership will bring about better service, allowing them to accept payments in a variety of unique cryptocurrencies. As of now, they have announced that they will be accepting Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and six other cryptocurrencies.

Of course, customers will be using these cryptocurrencies to travel across the world. is a platform that keeps track of the latest news surrounding payment methods. They recently conducted a survey to see the most popular ways that people spend their cryptocurrencies. They found that travel and leisure are easily in the top five most popular purchases that crypto holders make.

BitPay’s CEO and co-founder, Stephen Pair, recently gave his thoughts on the new deal. He said that cryptocurrencies continue to be a very payments option that people customers have the most faith in. Customers are especially trusting of crypto in making valuable purchases like traveling. Pair also mentioned that the new partnership between BitPay and UATP will give customers the best of both worlds. They can take advantage of a blockchain payment system without having to worry about buying, holding, or handling crypto.

He continued that customers can also choose the wallet that they would like to use for their transactions. Since BitPay supports all of the popular wallets, UATP will not have to restrict its customers to use a specific one.

BitPay is not just a pioneer in the crypto payments field, it is also one of the oldest ones in the market, dating back to 2011. Over the almost decade that it has been operating, they have managed to process over $5 billion worth of blockchain payments. That alone is cement them as the most popular company for processing crypto payments in the market.

Ralph Kaiser, CEO and President of UATP also shared his thoughts on the new partnership. He said that the partnership is bringing together two of the best companies in their respective fields. He also said that cryptocurrency has the potential to completely change the market as he sees it. Their partnership will be one that will be making the first move towards diversifying the market and attracting new customers.