Bityard – The Ultimate Crypto Contract Exchange Platform for Crypto Traders & Investors


Are you on the lookout for the best platform specializing in digital currency contract trading? Bityard may be exactly what you’re looking for. Headquartered in Singapore, Bityard is a one-of-a-kind crypto platform aimed at simplifying crypto asset trading for crypto users and investors all over the world. The platform has a huge client base from over 150 countries and regions, including Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and Asia Pacific. The majority of crypto users who’re relying on Bityard services and solutions are saying good and fantastic things about Bityard crypto contract exchange platform.


When it comes to authenticity, Bityard is a 100% safe choice as they have all the necessary documentations to operate as a full-service crypto contract exchange platform. They are fully regulated and have all the licenses, including Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (MSB), Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), Republic of Estonia Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (MTR), and Malaysia’s Namien Financial Services Agency (LFSA).

Getting started with Bityard is super easy. It will take only 30 seconds to start trading on Bityard and you won’t need to go through any complex procedure of registration. The platform employ two factor authentication (2FA), and users remain completely anonymous while performing crypto asset trading on the platform. Other key features to note include multiple offline signature, cold asset custody, real-time risk audit, limited risk while infinite profit, full refund warranty, etc.

Unlike other platforms, Bityard uses a simple and intuitive user interface to make sure its users don’t have any trouble navigating the website. Other thing that gives Bityard edge over its competitor is that they employ the fastest trading engine that is capable of delivering a speed of 1,000,000 TPS per contract. The platform also provides you with a swift leverage (10x-100x) to exchange a variety of major crypto contracts anywhere and anytime.

The team behind Bityard is very devoted to providing crypto investors with the best transaction facilitation in a simple, fast and safe manner. They are always on the lookout for the latest ways to add more reliability and convenience to their crypto contract trading services. Here’s what they say about the authenticity and privacy of their platform:

‘’Bityard not only obtains the legal authorization of the financial regulatory agencies of governments in various countries, but also commits to implement rigorous, accurate and comprehensive security standards at the level of security operations, ensuring that the industry’s most stringent security measures and tools are used to achieve Trading systems, network transmission, customer accounts, fund custody, insurance, and auditing prevent customer assets from encountering any unexpected events and threats. The platform uses two-factor authentication (provided by Google) to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the account. All customer information is permanently anonymous and stored in encrypted form. Digital assets are stored in offline deep cold storage wallets. Multi-offline signature technology is used to complete fund collection and withdrawal.’’

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