Blockchain App dotmoov Gets New Ambassadors

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Dotmoov, the sports platform powered by blockchain technology, has announced that they are signing two new brand ambassadors, football legends Ricardo Quaresma and Luis Figo. Hailing from Portugal, both professional athletes will utilize the professional influences they have for educating sports enthusiasts about the expanding and bludgeoning crypto industry. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, activities in almost every sector have come to a sudden halt. The world of sports is one of the biggest industries that have been affected the most. In order to solve this dilemma, tech companies are leveraging blockchain technology. 

This is where dotmoov comes in, as this sports platform is powered by blockchain technology and is looking to use its app for online sports competitions to incentivize sports enthusiasts. Users will be able to take advantage of dotmoov for participating in the instant competition with others who are using the app. The Ethereum-based MOOV tokens will be given as a reward to the winner, along with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These are unique digital collectibles that are stored on the blockchain-based platform, depending on the decision of the engine powering it, which is based on AI. 

Gamers use their smartphone’s camera to film themselves on the dotmoov platform, while they leverage the anti-fraud mechanism of the system, all the while taking part in leagues, tournaments, and matches. Gamers are free to select the game, opt for the stakes, choose their opponents and then let the platform do the matchmaking. Then, the competition begins. You can find an array of gaming modes, which are Party, Solo, Teams, and Pro-Seasons and winners get the prize pool after deducting the organizing fees. Ricardo Martins Costa serves as the Head of Growth on the dotmoov platform and he spoke regarding the selection of the two Portuguese legends. 

He said that the startup had reached out to the celebrities for promoting the app as a whole, along with their Football Freestyle competition. An ex-Portuguese player, Figo had played in the early 2000s with Real Madrid, where he had been a part of a star-studded team that included David Beckham, the British football icon. Figo said that when COVID hit last year, football fans all over the globe were forced to look for new ways to participate in their favorite sport. He believes that digital innovation will continue to happen even after the worst of the pandemic is behind us. Therefore, he thinks that physical and digital sports will now be combined in the new reality. 

Since he left the scene of professional football, Figo established the Luis Figo foundation to give back to society. As far as Quaresma is concerned, he is still playing professionally for Victoria S.C. The football star is a fan favorite, due to his sensational dribbling abilities and the huge repository of football tricks. Ricardo Martins Costa said that it was necessary for them to have a football legend on board, as they were launching Football Freestyle on the dotmoov platform. He said that Figo was a draw because he is a world-famous football star.