is now Valued at $5.2 Billion After $300 Million Increase

It was recently revealed by that it was holding an investment round and was expected a very promising outcome from the crypto-community. Following the reports, the major cryptocurrency exchange from London has confirmed that the funding round it conducted had been finished successfully.

The firm has claimed that from the funding round, the platform has managed to generate $300 million. After the recent meet, the firm has announced that it has managed to add to the $5.2 billion valuations.

It was back on February 24, 2021, when Peter Smith, the CEO at had revealed that the company was being held. At that time, Smith had also revealed the information surrounding the Series “C” funding round through its website.

The sources have revealed that the series C funding round was held by VY Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners. It has been revealed that apart from the major investors, there were investors who also participated in the funding round making it a success. These investors had participated from all over the world in order to participate in the funding round.

This round was launched after the success of the previous round called the strategic growth round. The strategic growth round was announced in the middle of February 2021 and managed to generate a total of $120 million. The strategic growth round was also led by major investors from all over the world.

The company executives also thanked and remarked on the investors who participated in the funding rounds. The executives stated that the investors that have gained a lot of experience in supporting new and upcoming firms are always supportive.

They are glad that they were also backed by such investors and with their contribution, the future funding rounds will continue to gain a lot of success. They specifically talked about the latest investors such as Kyle Bass and Louis Bacon that have helped the funding rounds tremendously.

Peter Smith also took the opportunity to talk about the fast-paced growth and user base of their cryptocurrency exchange. Smith stated that their exchange is currently operating and providing its services/products in more than 200 countries worldwide.

As of now, has more than 31 million verified and active users that are currently benefitting from the exchange’s products and services.

The firm also revealed that in the last 12 months, their active user base has also experienced a three times increase. Smith stated that no matter the products or services the users may use, they will always be counting high gains and profits.

Smith also confirmed that in the first two months of 2021, the company has gained so much contribution margin that it has surpassed the overall contribution margin from 2020.