Blockchain Games and NFT Trading are Increasing Dapp Adoption by Tenfold

The trading of nonfungible tokens and games based on blockchain has been monumental when it comes to the matters of Dapp adoption, especially in Q3. This observation was made by Dappradar which is a renowned platform that offers insights regarding defi. There was a report released regarding the Dapp industry recently, where it was stated that there are a few activities that are essentially the driving force behind the adoption of Dapp.

What’s more, the activities being talked about have led to a dramatic increase in the industry. In addition to that, it has resulted in the crypto space becoming more competitive as well as diversified. What’s more, Defi even experienced a boost in its popular platforms like Terra and Solana as they have matured to accommodate a wider range of projects.

Play-to-earn games, along with nonfungible tokens have been incredibly important, especially when it comes to the crypto industry. The previous quarter, in particular, was quite lucrative according to several reports released by Dappradar and other reliable sources. This report further suggests that the sector essentially went past regular decentralized applications when it comes to active wallets.

If you have been in the crypto space for a while, you will be well aware of the fact that this is a massive testament to how popular these tools have been in the modern era. In addition to that, the massive increase in play to earn activities has been instrumental in attracting close to 80,000 unique active wallets especially while the Q3 was ongoing.

As you would expect, this led to an increased amount of activity, especially compared to several other decentralized finance protocols that got more time to establish. Needless to say, a surge like this has been partially instrumental for the high profits that were recorded during the last quarter. Crypto investments are at an all-time high and with more people making investments, it would be fair to say that things will only get better down the line.

With a larger number of options to trade, invest, or even gain crypto these days, more and more people have been showing a fair bit of enthusiasm in crypto investments. The advent of play to earn blockchain-based games, in particular, has proven to be a blessing in disguise as it encourages youngsters to actively participate.

It would be fair to expect that this activity will only end up increasing down the line and will attract more people towards the wide world of crypto. With the adoption of Dapp increasing it an alarming rate, people remain optimistic that there is much more to come.