BlockFi Cards are Now Available for Residents of America

BlockFi has recently made an announcement in regards to the launch of its latest product. The firm has officially announced the launch of its Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card. The card will be available for the users that are holding funds into their BlockFi accounts.

BlockFi executives have confirmed that as of now, all the United States residents currently holders on their platform are eligible for the new cards. The firm has announced that the BlockFi account holder will be able to avail of different kinds of benefits from the cards as well as many opportunities it provides them.

BlockFi has announced that this is not the only update and information they have available for the users for their cards. The firm has announced that they have too much to offer through the new cards and to users who sign up to their platform.

So far, different kinds of tokens have been launched through BlockFi’s platform that the users will be able to benefit from. Furthermore, BlockFi has also updated its website with a new look. This means that the old, as well as the new users, will have access to the new design of the website.

This is to ensure that the platform not only offers a fresh design to the existing users but also meets the demands of the new generation and upcoming users.

In addition to launching a new card and introducing a new design, BlockFi is also aiming to bring more opportunities to its users. The platform aims to do it in order to bring more user following on the platform.

Their aim is to provide as many facilities and services to their users to benefit from and gain a lot of advantages from them. In order to achieve this, the firm has started forming partnerships with different companies that can help it grow its business and service provision for the users.

At present, the residents of the United States already have the facility of signing up for BlockFi Interest Accounts (BIAs). The US citizens are already benefitting from the BIAs and the platform wants to do more.

However, when it comes to earning interests on the cryptocurrency holdings in the BlockFi account, the users are required to deposit money into the respective interest accounts. This process is reportedly called HODLing, where users do not have money in the standard or typical wallet accounts but the interest one.

Although the HODLing process has proven to be very beneficial and profitable for HODLers, yet it cannot drive much adoption to the particular space. This is where the Credit Cards by BlockFi would come in and provide something completely new and far more lucrative to the users.