Booby Trap (BBT) Rallied by 429.58%, Expected to Hit $0.007256

Booby Trap (BBT) is currently among the crypto-assets that have observed huge rallies due to the mass input of their respective investors. On February 28, the value of the Booby Trap stood at a low price ($0.0001379), but the bulls have outperformed the bears in their respective periods to hit a higher value. The data shows that after hitting a 429.58% rally in the past 24-hours, the bulls have pushed Booby Trap to $0.0007231.

The trading volume for Booby Trap has also upsurged at a tremendous rate (7905.84%), bringing it up to $436,294. By the end of February 28, the trading volume for Booby Trap was just $8,449. This is a clear demonstration of high sentiments by the investors wanting to see Booby Trap hit a higher figure.

Performance Scale for Booby Trap

At the moment, the performance for Booby Trap is within the positive zone, which suggests that Booby Trap will observe positive gains in near future. The relative strength index for Booby Trap is currently traveling over line 61. The moving averages for Booby Trap are also supporting a bullish run for Booby Trap, followed by oscillators that are also bullish.

The candlestick pattern is also forming a huge tail, which suggests that Booby Trap is covered by the bulls for a long time. This is because the long tail suggests that if the bears cause a price dip for Booby Trap, then bears will buy it straight away to sustain their pressure.

Positive Predictions for Booby Trap

As the situation for Booby Trap currently is, if bulls keep fueling it with more buying power, then Booby Trap may move up to $0.002276 per BBT. The bulls have already set the benchmarks that they will attempt to achieve in the due course. They are also ready to face strong pressure exerted by the bears and push Booby Trap to a higher value.

If the bulls keep increasing their buying power, then they may succeed in pushing its price up to the second resistance spot ($0.004720). If the bears start selling Booby Trap on a higher scale, then the bulls are expected to increase their buying power to outmatch them.

This way, the sentiments of the investors would remain strong and they will keep investing in Booby Trap, increasing its demand. If the buying power of the bulls grows enough to motivate more investors, then they will put more money to push Booby Trap to $0.007256.

Negative Predictions for Booby Trap

If the bears keep selling Booby Trap and the bulls end up exhausting their resources, then the bears may have a chance to create a dip. The bears may attempt to push the price of Booby Trap deeper into the lower sections, where the first support mark would be $0.0005784.

With more pressure coming from the bears, the price of Booby Trap may get pushed down to $0.0005206 and then to $0.0004685.