Bordier To Adopt & Promulgate Crypto Trading Services, Including Bitcoin

One of the oldest financial institutions in Switzerland, Bordier & Cie SCmA, has announced adopting and promulgating crypto trading services, including Bitcoin. The bank also hopes to extend its crypto trading services outside Switzerland in due course. Adopted digital coins for crypto services are Bitcoin, Ethereum and other highly in-demand digital currencies.

It has been now 177 years, since 1844, when one of the oldest banks in Switzerland namely Bordier & Cie SCmA was established.

The Swiss Bank has announced recently that it has decided to immediately launch and promulgate countrywide crypto trading services.

It was informed by the Bank that a large number of its customers are those who are crypto owners. These customers had been requesting the bank to integrate crypto within its system for very long time. However, the bank never decided to integrate until now.

The bank said that since they have launched its crypto trading services therefore they have to diversity their services in the field. The bank told further that the field of alternate assets is still new to them. They have to do much more for ensuring smooth and beneficial services for its local and global customers, said the Bank.

It was reported that for launching crypto services, the Bank had entered into partnership with Sygnum Bank. (Syngum Bank is an exclusive crypto based Swiss bank whose business is to lend management support to the crypto service providers.)

Sygnum Bank would be performing tasks such as providing crypto custodial services along with generating passcodes/access keys. Furthermore, the investors’ money will be passed on to the bank through Sygnum Bank as well.

With the availability of crypto trading facilities, the customers of Bordier would now engage in crypto trading. They would be able to store their cryptocurrencies as well as buy and sell them. All the major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, etc. have been enlisted for trading.

As per bank’s higher official, if crypto trading services gave them the desired results, then they would want to expand their services.

Group CEO of Bordier’s partner bank, Mathias Imbach, stated that Bordier has been taking care of customers for the past 177 years. Bordier is unmatched when it comes to securing customers’ wealth which it has proved by rendering services for generations continuously. It is time for this iconic bank to embrace this next generation technology for the well-being of future generations, said Imbach.

After the announcement both Swiss banks i.e. Border and Sygnum appreciated the phenomenal increase of crypto capital during 2020. They both agreed that Bitcoin was the one which led the entire crypto market to next level. Indeed Bitcoin cannot be disregarded and can easily be regarded as “Digital Gold”, said officials of Bordier and Sygnum.