Brazil has Authenticated about 156k Documents in the Last Four Months with the Help of Blockchain

Brazil is among those countries that don’t have anything against Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for that matter and are making positive waves by adopting Blockchain. In the past four months, Brazil has authenticated about 156k documents through the blockchain systems as the country’s adoption rise significantly. Association of the Notaries and Registrars of Brazil has even published an announcement bringing the fact that most of these authentications were done through their e-Notary system out in the open. It shows the ultimate trust placed within the Blockchain and the overall ease and efficiency it has brought further.

The authentication process is all about people signing and sending different documents with WhatsApp or using any other platform to the relevant parties and some of the government platforms strengthening the belief that not only investors but governments and people are placing into the blockchain technology. The entire blockchain system of Brazil runs on the Notrachain, which is the country’s blockchain network of the notaries, thus ensuring the verification of various documents through the electronic or digital way.

Blockchain Adoption Intensifies in Brazil over the Current Pandemic

The system’s main services include the papers or proof regarding sales, divorces, donations, wills, and a power of attorney, among various others. This revolutionary system has made sure that people don’t need to travel all the way hustling through their busy daily routines just to have a piece of paper signed or authenticated; thus, the travel time has been saved for various citizens and still getting their papers authenticated through an efficient and trusted channel.   

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the adoption of the blockchain system has intensified over Brazil as more and more people are seeking this revolutionary system for the sake of getting their documents authenticated while not having to travel or break the cycle of their busy routines. The e-Notary system’s success is definitely going to compel more projects and government initiatives to adopt blockchain technology and strive for a better and more digitally aware future.