Candidate for New York’s Mayor Says He’d Receive First Three Salary Payments in Bitcoin

Eric Adams, a candidate for running for the next Mayor of New York wishes to receive initial three months of his salary as Mayor in Bitcoin. Also promises to create a crypto-friendly atmosphere in the city.

Hardly anyone had ever thought that Bitcoin would become a part of election campaign. However, in today’s world, this is happening, especially in the US. People in New York are going to select their next Mayor and amongst the running candidates is one Eric Adams.

Although it is quite usual for an election candidate to be optimistic but this particular candidate, Eric Adams, is over optimistic. He believes that he is going to become the next Mayor of New York. Adams also has certain plans involving cryptocurrencies which he wants to fulfill when he is elected as the Mayor. He has been seen using Bitcoin as part of his election campaign. He was seen suggesting that he wants to turn New York into a crypto hub which would be more of a crypto city. Adam also stated that at least for the first three payments of his salary, he would want them to be paid in Bitcoin.

It was quite visible that Adams was responding to a tweet post of Francis Suarez, who is the current Mayor of Miami. Adams while writing a tweet said that New York citizens are fond of bigger things. So instead of taking one paycheck in Bitcoin, he’d opt for Bitcoin payment for initial three months, subject to him being elected. He also suggested that New York is a better place for developing a crypto industry.

However, there were a great number of people who thought Adams to be over-reacting for being over-optimistic. In any case, Adam’s tweet post has obtained more than 14 thousand likes and it has been retweeted for more than 3 thousand times. Some of the persons who responded to his tweet message commented “bullish” only. There was a response tweet from Mike Novogratz of Galaxy Digital who responded by suggesting that he likes New York a lot.

But there was one specific post, which was from Balaji Srinivasan. Srinivasan said that he liked the idea of Adam’s of turning New York into a crypto city. Also he appreciated his desire to receive his salary in Bitcoin, if he happens to become the Mayor. He however further suggested that employees working in New York should be given an option to receive their salary dues in Bitcoin.

Thereafter, Adam was interviewed to give any comments of Mayor Suarez’s drive to turn Miami into a city of crypto. Adam appreciated what Mayor Suarez has been doing for his people and wished him all the best in his endeavors. He then said that in New York crypto adoption is not as good as in other states. He pointed out that he would see what are the reasons preventing Bitcoin adoption in the New York.