Cardano Reddit Community is Celebrating 500K Subscribers after ADA’s Massive Price Rally

The subreddit communities of Reddit have a special space in the crypto space. The r/Cardano or the subreddit community dedicated to the ADA native blockchain project has recently scored new heights. The investors of ADA and Cardano followers are celebrating half a million subscriptions milestone today. This new development has added Cardano to the top 1000 largest communities of Reddit.

At the beginning of the current year, the r/Cardano was only comprised of 95K subscribers. Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano blockchain, showed his enthusiasm by sending praise for the conservative energy nature of ADA, the acceptance of ADA payments by a soap manufacturer, and ADA listing on the Coinbase Pro platform. He also expressed his grave concerns about the misogyny incident that took place at the Cardano 360 event and called it a shameful act.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Reddit Community Continues to Soar

The r/Bitcoin and r/cryptocurrency subreddit threads continue to be the largest cluster groups on Reddit. The Bitcoin Reddit community has a whopping strength of more than 3.5 million subscribers, with new members adding to the group every day. In many parts of the world, Bitcoin is synonymous with the concept of digital assets.

Therefore, it has managed to influence the price appreciation of the entire altcoin market. During the last few weeks, when Bitcoin priced tanked, red candles became visible on the whole altcoin market. However, it seems that the Cardano Reddit community is growing rapidly and might be able to catch with the largest crypto influencing platforms on social media in no time. 

Jail Bird Ross Ulbricht Put his Freedom at Stake to Speak out at the Bitcoin 2021 Conference

Ross Ulbricht, who is known for launching an underground drug cartel named Silk Road, has been in jail for eight years. He was arrested in 2013 by law enforcement agencies for aiding and abetting drug abuse and illegal trading of chemical substances. However, he made an emotional encounter with the attendees of the Bitcoin 2021 Conference in Miami through a video call.

He told the participants that he was warned that speaking at the conference about Bitcoin could slim down his chances with the judges. It should be noted that Ulbricht has been sentenced to two life sentences in prison without parole. He also added that he is proud of the achievements of the Bitcoin community and is hopeful that Bitcoiners would achieve new accomplishments. He also added that he is aggrieved that his website was used for illegal trade and substance abuse.